The Life of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a well-known community leader, philanthropist and real estate investor who is currently based in the United States. Milstein is an Israel native who served in the country’s IDF during the great Yom Kippur War. Adam went for his university education at the Technion and graduated in 1978. Milstein relocated and settled in the US in 1981. He went for his MBA and USC in this country. He ventured into the commercial real estate industry in 1983 in Southern California.


Adam Milstein is the national chairman and co-founder of the respected Israeli-American Council. At this institution, Milstein is responsible for the national expansion. Apart from being the chairman of this organization, Milstein sits on several boards of directors. Some of these agencies include Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network and StandwithUs.


Together with his wife Gila Milstein, Adam has managed to establish an institution known as Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The institution has done well under his leadership, providing free books every month in Hebrew. The books teach some of the most important Jewish values to the Jewish communities living in the United States. Milstein is also the founder of Hager Pacific Properties.


In a recent interview, Adam Milstein says that he came up with the idea of Hager Pacific Properties when he relocated to the United States. He came to the country to get better education and entrepreneurship. Before he graduated, he realized that many individuals were coming to the campus to recruit for jobs. However, these people didn’t appreciate the experience and knowledge possessed by Milstein. Most of them offered him very little than the rest of the students. Adam Milstein decided that it was time to go out and work on his own. At first, he worked as a real estate commercial broker. He worked in this position for three years then ventured into the real estate industry as an investor.


As a businessman and community leader, Milstein says that it is tough to predict his daily activities. As he continues to acquire more assets and business, his daily activities to increased. Being involved in philanthropic activities has made his day to day activities easier and more satisfying than before.



Maggie Gill Provides a Good Solution–By Way of New Partnering with Eon Health:

The coupling of Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center, in Savannah, Georgia with Respect to the New Medicare Advantage Plan is Indicative of a Strong Healthcare Alliance:


Memorial Health’s, CEO and President, Maggie Gill, has provided the progressive healthcare provider an apt and reliable solution in her partnering with well-established, and highly reliable Eon Health, as it pertains to the new Medicare Advantage Plan. Ms. Gill, has a history of providing her clients with cost-saving and reliable healthcare systems and solutions. The preceding action, by Memorial Health’s distinguished CEO, Maggie Gill—presents as no exception.


Persons who are beneficiaries of Medicare in South Carolina and within Southeast Georgia, now, have an option, when it comes to the new Medicare Advantage plan. Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) have become partners, by providing a plan inclusive of a favorable zero-dollar premium and pharmaceutical benefits, complete with reduced co-pays.


The Medicare Advantage Plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Bryan and Chatham Counties, within Georgia; and Jasper, Beaufort, Hampton, and Colleton counties in South Carolina. The plans are available as of January 1st of 2017. The plan is inclusive of “Special Needs Plans,” for persons suffering from chronic-type of illnesses; and other eligible beneficiaries.


Plan benefits include the following:


1—Reduced co-pays in way of primary care provider visits and visits to specialists;

2—Benefits with respect to hospitalization;

3—No referral is needed in order to see a provider within the healthcare network;

4—Transportation benefits exist with regard to particular plans;

5—Silver-Sneakers Fitness Program;

6—Dental benefits in the way of preventative medicine, comprehensive medicine, and dentures;

7—An OTC monthly benefits allowance;

8—Benefits with respect to hearing; and,

9—Member Rewards program.


Maggie Gill, CEO and President of Memorial Health, stated that Eon Health’s preventative care emphasis was a good fit with that of Memorial Health. She further indicated that Memorial Health and Eon would work in cooperation to assist their patients to live healthier lives and to provide easy access to proper levels of health care.


Dr. Austin lfedirah, President and CEO of Eon Health, mentioned a partnership with Memorial Health was indicative of his organization’s strategy, in assuring delivery of quality healthcare services. Eon Health Inc., is a Medicare Advantage Plan. It has a service area, which covers sixty-eight counties, inside of South Carolina and Georgia.


Maggie Gill, in her alliance with Eon Health, is demonstrating, yet, another fine achievement, on her part, in assuring Memorial Health’s senior clients are provided with the best level of healthcare service. She provides the preceding successful outcome by way of economical servicing of her clientele; while providing and maintaining quality care of that populace. She sees the two preceding key elements as fundamental in arriving in way of a successful outcome.

Dick DeVos Establishes Himself As A Social Reformer

I first became aware of the business leader Dick DeVos through his impressive work at the AmWay Group, which was founded by his father and developed further by Dick during his time as President from 1993 to 2004; although I was shocked to discover Dick was standing down as AmWay President in 2004, I believed his motives for doing so were based on his need to become more active in the community. There is much for us all to admire in the business work of Dick DeVos, including the more than $5 billion personal fortune he has developed over the years and the fact he helped establish AmWay as one of the world’s best respected direct sales groups. For Dick DeVos the work he has completed in business seems to be important, but I believe his work in the community is just as important to both he and wife Betsy; the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation was established in 1989 and continues to do good works in the sectors of justice, the environment, and social issues. I was recently reading a Philanthropy Roundtable interview with Betsy DeVos that gave an insight into the work the couple has completed in the field of education reform since become interested in this area during the 1980s. One of the amazing factors in the life of Dick DeVos is how this Northwood University graduate and product of the Michigan public school system finds the time to complete all the jobs and tasks he undertakes on a regular basis; DeVos was elected to the Michigan Board of Education in 1990 after he and Betsy made trips to many schools in the state and discovered parents had little say in how their children were educated. It is easy for me to see how much affection Dick DeVos has for his home state of Michigan, but his work to reform education has taken him across the U.S. to help establish school vouchers and school choice programs across the country. Dick’s interests are reflected in the charter school he established with Betsy in Grand Rapids that specializes in aviation education that allows young people with an interest in all aspects of the aviation industry to follow these up and provide them with a better chance of achieving success in this industrial sector.


Female Surgeon in a Male Dominated Field: Dr. Waldren

Dr. Jennifer Waldren attributes her down to earth personality and hard work to her continued success over the years. She has been named one of Harpar’s Bazaar 24 best beauty surgeons of the year, one of the few women on the list. This Austin girl trained with some of the best surgeons in New York, and built a successful practice there. She has been on the board of the directors of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which she was only female on the board.


A calm and at ease, she makes her clients feel relaxed, which is important since they are talking through body issues. She has the personality that has made her a regular media personality, appearing on NBC, ABC, and Dr. 90210. She study in Texas before moving to Manhattan to complete her fellowship. She built a competitive practice in Manhattan, but she wanted to start a family. She moved back to Austin to raise her twin boys.


She left her practice in Manhattan to rebuild it in Austin. Her twin boys became her focus as she worked towards balancing a successful career as a surgeon and a mother. She has published numerous books, appeared on countless tv shows, and continues to create innovative techniques in her field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has learned how to achieve her work and career goals without sacrificing anything. Her constant drive and willingness to step up her game is what makes her a leading plastic surgeon in the United States.


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Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil Innovations from Google in 2016

California played host to yet another Google I/O edition on May 18, 2016. There had been several releases promising to revolutionize and make users’ lives easier in various ways. During the event, the world was shown, among other products, innovative messaging mechanisms, applications and other products printed in high-quality prints that Google does every time. This was according to a report compiled by Jose Borghi from Mullen Lowe Brasil, a well known Brazilian ad agency. Borghi stated that the event had been long awaited by technology lovers.

Whatsapp Competitor

Whatsapp messaging service is facing competition from a new system called Allo. Allo presents a mechanism that allows Google searches, image sharing and offering suggestions to users when replying to messages. Duo was another new application that got a lot of attention. The application focuses majorly on video conversations in an environment that is easily navigated. Despite a busy day at Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi holds the belief that these innovations will bring about an agility and practicality to various kinds of social interactions.

Google Home

Jose noted the Google Home application that is capable of performing a number of functions and is known as the butler for its versatility. Google Home is capable of interacting with other home equipment and is activated by a human voice it recognizes. The Assistant can recognize what is said and can also be triggered using devices running on an android system. Jose Borghi views all these inventions as meant to interfere in a positive way how people conceive the world and their environment.

Firebase Analytics

Application development professionals are in luck since Firebase Analytics has come to make their work routine easier. This new platform allows users to run their AdWords campaigns as well as download other useful features. This platform will help in measuring the prospective customer traffic. Jose ranks this application highly especially in the advertising industry where he has a long experience.

Android N. New System

Google opted to let the public select the name of a new system, which they referred to as Android N. then. According to Google, users will be able to use two applications in a simultaneous manner and get unpublished applications. In virtual reality, the people present in the event were introduced to Daydream. This platform will feature interactions of companies like HTC and Samsung with promises to better the virtual reality experience. Borghi concluded that all that was showcased in the event was a perfect display of what the human intelligence can accomplish.

Stem Cell Use at The Lung Institute

There is a lot of talk about stem cell research, even though it has been a hot topic for years, many people are not sure what it all means. This article will explain what stem cells are, how they are collected and how these potentially healing cells can be used to treat lung diseases.

Stem cells can develop into other cell types in the human body, thereby offering treatment options for diseases of the body where new cells are much needed for healing. Two characteristics are unique to these types of cells; the ability to renew through cell division and to become organ specific cells through manipulation. This regenerative ability opens the door to the treatment of diseases; we will discuss lung disease specifically.

The Lung Institute treats both obstructive and restrictive lung diseases utilizing this stem cell method. These diseases include Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Pulmonary Fibrosis, Emphysema, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pneumoconiosis, and Bronchiectasis. The procedure is considered extremely safe, can be administered to be beneficial to patients at any stage of their disease.

At the Lung Institute, stem cells are extracted from either a patient’s blood or bone marrow, any cells that are not stem cells are removed, creating a stronger concentration, then this powerhouse of only stem cells is returned into the bloodstream. According to BCM healthcare research, within a couple of heartbeats the stem cells are caught naturally in the pulmonary trap in the lungs where the healing begins.

Personalized treatment plans that are streamlined to individual patients are top priority at the Lung Institute. Stem cell treatments performed at the institute are minimally invasive and significantly less painful than a transplant. This facility does not use embryonic stem cells, only adult cells from the patient’s own body. Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis covering three days. Stem cell treatments for lung and other diseases are opening doors that were thought impossible. Read more about the Lung Institute on

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Magnises And The Gratitude From Social Media

Magnises has done a lot to make dreams come true. While a lot of people have dreams of running their own successful business and attending some of the more exclusive events, very few people find a way to make it happen. For one thing, a lot of people are left out of the loop. Another thing is that one needs connections in order for it to happen. These types of connections are not very likely to form. One would have to be extremely fortunate for this to happen. Therefore, a lot of dreams are left to die. Fortunately, Magnises has come to keep the dream alive.


Magnises offers people chances to visit special events and network with each other so that they will be able to achieve higher level of success. This agency is designed for millennials. This gives people the chance to have the type of lifestyle that is highly desired at a very young age. In this new economy, success depends on one’s ability to build a network. Magnises takes care of the hard part of building the network. The results are more than satisfactory for people. Magnises has a ton of good reviews from clients on the web.


Magnises also has a lot of gratitude on its social media. For instance, Twitter is filled with people talking about all of the good things that Magnises has done for them. People who are a part of Magnises also get to take pictures of the events they are a part of and post it on their Twitter feed.


Magnises is a chance for everyone to be someone. Young people have a better chance than before to live an extravagant life. The company is showing that the days of settling into a rut are over. Young people are going to have a lot of stories of living fulfilled lives.

Betting the NBA Line – The Theory of ATS Records

A theory about ways to bet the line has usually been to bet against the spread. This is true in almost any sport. Bettors are always talking about how a certain team does against the spread. Websites are always touting the teams ATS statistic as well.

These are fairly good indicators for how well the team will perform against another team. Many professional sports bettors will take this theory to another level as well.

The job of the book maker is to split the monies bet on a particular game evenly. This means that no matter how much money is bet on a specific game, half will be on each team. That is the overall goal of the book maker. What much of the betting public doesn’t understand is that the line isn’t so much of an indication of how much stringer one team is than another, it is simply meant to divide the money even. If the book maker reaches his goal of dividing the money equally, he will win no matter the outcome of the game.

With that being said, you should begin to see a common trait emerge in the ATS records of many teams. They should, in fact, be close to even by the time the season ends. Since it is the goal and the intent of the odds maker to split the money, and you should assume that he his good at his job, he will have a record that is near perfect over the course of the season. When this is done correctly, most every team will have an even ATS record.

Knowing that the NBA odds maker is working diligently to have an even record is a tool that you can use to your advantage. Over the course of the season, an NBA team’s ATS record will rise and fall accordingly. The better rated “A” teams will have a better record ATS and the lower level “D” teams will have worse records. However, as a whole, the NBA ATS record will gravitate closer to even as the season goes along.

You can fine tune this theory and weed out the best teams to have an even record by concentrating on the “B” and “C” teams who will generally stay at about even for most of the season. When you consider that about 18-20 teams will fall into the “B” and “C” category the betting opportunities are immense.

Having the option to view all of the teams and their respective records at one time is just one of the many features you will find at This is your premier outlet for sport betting information, with scores, news, odds and betting information. Having the experts available to assist you in your handicapping is one of the unique and useful amenities they offer as well.

Why not let the bookmaker work for you instead of trying to beat him?

Goettl Air Conditioning’s Powerful Merger

Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas hence increasing their staff by over 20 employees and their trucks to over 15 trucks. Las Vegas Air is mainly used by residential customers whereas Paradise Air targets the rental home and multi-family home market. According to Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl Air conditioning, integrating with these HVAC services is a move meant to increase Goettl’s market share around the Southwest and provide improved services to its customers.



A Merger Based on Solid Backgrounds



Stephen Gamst, one of the senior management staff at Las Vegas Air has shared several reasons for opting to team up with Goettl. First of all, he felt that joining Goettl would help them merge their qualities and strengths. Secondly, Gamst claims that he was raised seeing Goodrich working with his father at a parts store while he also worked with his father. Therefore, he believes they were both raised with similar values and have a strong background on how to run a HVAC business. In this regard, Gamst believes that they can both achieve great things.



A Merger With Additional Offerings



According to Goodrich, partnering with Las Vegas Air, The Sunny Plumber, and Paradise Air comes with numerous additional offerings. Initially, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air services were restricted to HVAC, this union introduces plumbing service. Goettl Air conditioning was offering only residential services, the partnership has expanded their services to include strip malls, and multi-family properties.



About Goettl Air Conditioning



Goettl Air conditioning’s history begins with the journey of three brothers, Adam, Bill, and John. After starting this company in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926, the brothers moved to Phoenix to search for opportunities in the wake of the Great Depression. It is here that they founded Phoenix based Goettl Air Conditioning which emerged as a pioneer in the production of heating and cooling technology and evaporative coolers. Goettl Air Conditioning Arizona was established later in 1939 in Arizona.



Goettl has dedicated itself to offering heating and air conditioning services for a long time. It was not until 2013 that Goodrich bought the company and established it at his home in Las Vegas in 2016. Ever since, Goettl has achieved a 500% growth. Currently, the HVAC services offered by Goettl in Arizona are unmatched. Currently, Goettl offers services to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern California, and Tuscon. Goettl’s mission is to ensure that customers enjoy a properly maintained heating system, a well sealed attic to prevent excess heat, an efficient duct system, and quality indoor air.

Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking venture in Economic growth

The main objective of business is building capital. Economic growth depends majorly on financial stability. Investment banking as a type of banking is the driving force and the root element that mostly provides the capital for company’s institutions. The investment is usually protected because this type of banking takes on most of the liability from a policy that has been fashioned by a company that does insurance. This banking service is usually designed for business and not exactly individuals. It is different from a checking or savings account. To be a good investment bank, one truly needs to be an expert in the field.                                                                                                    One needs to have very good knowledge of brokers, mergers, and trade because this is critical to be successful in the investment banking venture. The investment banker usually acts on behalf of the entity or company during the process of obtaining securities. Without a credible and talented investment worker, it is very hard to invest wisely.


Also, an investment bank would create a fund-raising strategy for corporations. They also come up with a new structure to maximize results. The banks employ professionals in investment banking to help corporations, individuals, and even governments to manage projects. These experts exist majorly to help clients to save time and money by identifying the risk that is associated with a certain project. This is the main reason why clients come and seek guidance on how to plan and execute their investments.


Martin Lustgarten is a well-known investment banker. He is popular for being able to grow clients lists and also provides great investment banking services. He has worked as an investment banker for several years. Due to his success, he took his skill and experience and started an investment banking firm and this helped him to grow his status in the field of investment banking.


The firm that Martin started is called Lustgarten Martin. His major role is to manage business operations of the firm. He also strikes business deals and tries as much as possible to meet his client’s needs. Other than that, he handles client responsibilities.