What Is The Purpose Of The Kabbalah Centre?

The Kabbalah Centre is a place of seeking after the heart of God that floats among those walking the Earth. The organization is run by the Berg family, and they have offices around the world where scholars and seekers may enter for their own edification. Finding the heart and spirit of God is difficult, and there is quite a lot of study going into the art of Kabbalah Centre. This article explains how a life may change when Kabbalah is practiced for the first time.

#1: How Does The Kabbalah Centre Function?

The Centre is a place of great study and reverence, but it is not a church of any kind. There are helpers in every building who share information about the particular form of reading espoused by Kabbalah, and anyone who wishes to learn may enter with that intention. The words of the old texts become far more lively when they are seen through a new lens, and each new page of text has yet more to reveal to the reader.

#2: How Did The Centre Expand?

The Centre expanded in a natural way as the seekers of the world moved away from organized religion. Every organized church lost people who wished to seek God without the service, and the Kabbalah Centre opened with Karen and Phillip Berg explaining how they found God in reading, meditation and personal worship. The offices around the world have libraries, study coves and a place where anyone may learn something new about their world.

#3: How Does One Find God?

Finding God is not something a reader does on their first visit, and each new visit will feel as though it brings the reader closer to God. God is quite powerful in that he may manifest anywhere, and those who are true to the art will find him hidden in all the nooks and crannies of their readings.

Kabbalah helps uncover a world of the spirit that is not found in any other scholarly pursuit. The Centre was started as a way to help those who seek, and it does its work to this day in a peaceful manner.

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OSI Group: A Global Provider of Revolutionary Food Products and Soluions

The OSI Group is a top vendor of high-quality products and ingenious solutions for the food sector. Many of the leading food firms around the world depend on OSI Group for groundbreaking solutions to streamline their complicated process of food developing and processing. OSI Group has earned the confidence of clients worldwide due to its commitment to continuous growth and improvement.

OSI Group Features on the Forbes’ List of Largest Private Companies in America

The Illinois-based OSI Group has appeared on the Forbes’ list of the biggest firms in America. With revenue of $6.1 billion, the company took position 58 out of the 140 largest private companies. Most of its revenue comes from products such as food, beverage, and tobacco.

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OSI Group Scoops the Globe of Honour Award for 2016

The British Safety Council has announced OSI Food Solutions UK as the recipient of the high-status Globe of Honour Award for 2016. The firm won the award due to its use of environmentally friendly food processing techniques and its dedication to sustainability. The Safety Council presented the prestigious award during an Awards Luncheon orchestrated at the City of London-based Drapers’ Hall on November 25, 2016.

OSI Group was among the 18 companies across the globe that received the Globe of Honour in 2016. The accolade is given to organizations that have excelled in environmental management. The nominees for the Globe of Honour award must attain five stars after an environmental management audit conducted by the British Safety Council. The contestants must also prove to a panel of specialist that they excel in environment management in all aspects of their businesses.

OSI Group Purchases Baho Food

In line with its business objective of expanding its portfolio of products and services, the OSI Group has purchased Baho Food. The OSI’s CEO, David G. McDonald, stated that the high-status acquisition would expand the firm’s addressable market in Europe. Baho Food is a leading manufacturer of meat products that are sold to food retails and service brands. It has an experience of around 60 years of developing five subsidiaries with well-equipped processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries comprise of Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Henri Van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, and Bakx Foods. The OSI’s management team has confirmed that the managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers, and his team of talented managers will retain their executive positions and they will work closely with OSI officials to create a long-term growth plan for the newly formed firm.



AHBE and Lawsuit

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) and the former ownership group of the NBA Gracnchise is suing The New Hampshire Insurance company also known as the AIG, for a violation of contract made by former general manager Danny Ferry. On September 13th, AHBE and associates filed a lawsuit at the Superior Court of Fulton County against the insurance company stating that there was a breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Current owner of the AHBE, Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler, is not involved the issue or lawsuit nor is the present NBA officiates. AIG refuses the claim stating that they do not acknowledge a claim being made or any policy that has been triggered. Prior to his ownership of the AHBE, Leveson co-founded the United Communications Group also known as the UCG with his partner Ed Peskowitz. In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz became the majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team and Philips Arena. Danny Ferry was hired by Leveson as the Hawks general manager and president of basketball operations. Levenson is also a well-known active participant in various philanthropic organizations. Levenson served as the President of the Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation which is and organization involved in helping low-income children obtain a better education. Leveson is also a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson


UK Vintners Bring Their Experience To The Modern Wine Industry

How to get into the wine industry can be something many with a love for grapes struggle to come to terms with as they seek a way of beginning their own career path in the industry.

There are many different options for entering the industry and becoming one of the top UK vintners with a long client list that can take in customers from round the world and with a range of budget options; many professionals enter the wine industry after developing their own skills as wine experts or after taking one of a range of educational programs available in the 21st century.

Many of the top UK vintners developed their skills through their own personal love of wines that may have seen them work at ground level in the industry or simply begin a wine career as a personal passion. Renaissance Vintners is headed by Ian Elton-Wall who worked as a sales assistance for a wine store before making his way through the business and eventually establishing his own vintners.

Ian Elton-Wall’s partner in Renaissance Vintners is Genevieve Smith, who grew up in the grounds of a vineyard and worked in various parts of the leisure industry before becoming a specialist vintner.

Working in the wine sales industry is one of the options for those wanting to become a vintner, but for others like A&B Vintners John Arnold a personal love of wine brings them into the industry to become among the best known wine merchants in the UK.

Bringing properly trained and experienced wine experts into the UK vintners industry is an issue a number of companies have been looking to address with an improved number of professionals entering the industry. The Worshipful Company of Vintners and Hattingley Valley Wines have come together in 2016 to begin an apprenticeship program designed to allow young people with an opportunity to enter the industry with a hands on approach to training and education; the apprenticeship program developed by one of the oldest names among UK vintners allows the time of new entrants into the industry to be divided between vineyards and classroom learning opportunities.

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Betting on NCAAF Games Online

March Madness is correctly named, based on the fact that there are so many teams trying to fight for the NCAA championship, coupled with the massive amount of fans that are trying to accumulate wins on their bracket sheets. There are few times during the year when so many people around the country are placing bets, and with the NCAA basketball season in full swing, many people are starting to look ahead to the end of the season. More than sixty teams make the cut, but there are a handful of teams that are more than likely going to be in the elite eight, the final four and eventually down to the Championship game. If you think you have found a team that is on fire, who you believe is going to go all the way this year, you may just want to get online and place a bet on Covers.com.

If you have never gotten your feet wet, when it comes to the online gambling world, you might be shocked at just how convenient it is to place a bet online, and while you may be looking ahead to March Madness odds, you can also place a bet on literally any game that is taking place around the country. The match up between two of the best teams in the country, Duke and Florida, is a perfect example of a game that can be bet on, utilizing covers.com and their betting system. While the Duke Blue Devils, headed by perhaps the most famous college basketball coach of all time, Mike Krzyzewski have looked a tad bit shaky this season and have had some injuries, they are creeping towards full health and are considered a favorite over Florida. However, this is not to say that Florida does not have a chance, and if you do decide to pick the underdogs and they end up taking the victory, you may be looking at quite a decent return on your bet. One of the best things about this current Florida Gators team is the fact that they are incredibly well rounded, which may be hard for Duke to deal with. So far this season, the Florida Gators have had a different leading scorer in almost each game they have played in, which may just give them the tools they need to walk into Duke and hand them their second loss of the season.

OSI Group’s Standing Legacy

OSI Group is a long-standing American business that has built its reputation over many decades. The company was founded in the early nineteen hundreds by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. Otto began with a simple concept and slowly formed his small business into a thriving enterprise.

OSI specializes in meat processing. The company has a diverse client base that includes restaurants, supermarkets and various other food suppliers. Their innovative methods have kept the company at the forefront of its industry. OSI is the standard by which other businesses are measured. The organization has a reach that is worldwide.

Otto Kolschowski began with a family meat market in 1909. The business opened its doors in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto quickly realized the opportunities that were in front of him. He expanded the business from a simple meat market to a wholesale trade operation. The company would become known as Otto and Sons in 1928. The organization relocated to Maywood, Illinois and began to take the shape of the empire that it is today.

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A new startup company called McDonald’s was making a name for itself across the country. The McDonald’s franchise quickly spread from its roots in Southern California and had opened a store in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Ray Kroc was the CEO and mastermind behind the McDonald’s phenomenon. He chose Otto and Sons to be McDonald’s meat supplier in the area. It would be the beginning of a business arrangement that lasted through the turn of the century. The relationship between Ray Krock and Otto and Sons had a significant impact on the food industry as a whole. Their business practices would have worldwide influence.

Otto and Sons were on the cutting edge of cryogenic food processing. Cryogenics allowed the meat processors to store significant amounts of product and maintain its freshness at the same time. This innovation relieved McDonald’s of relying on local meat suppliers to provide them with fresh beef. The patty cutting machine was yet another addition to the Otto and Sons manufacturing process.

Nitrogen freezing tunnels enhanced the ability to store supplies and respond to large demands. These sophisticated business tactics endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Krock. Eventually they became the primary supplier beef to McDonald’s. The fast food giant continued to grow. Otto and Sons became an international organization along with McDonald’s.

The company changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. They had an exclusive deal with McDonald’s and also branched out into other markets. Major supermarkets and other fast-food chains soon began turning to OSI for top notch service.

In 2011 Forbes reported OSI earned an annual revenue of three billion dollars. The publication listed the company as the 136th largest private organization in America at that time. By 2016 they were number 58 on Forbes list of private companies.

OSI has plants operating throughout the United States and Asia. It is the meat supplier of fast food chains in China that include Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

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Livio Bisterzo: Successful Entrepreneur

Eating better and feeling good about what you are buying is one of many new health trends in the United States right now. It is easier to make those better choices when you are actually enjoying what you are eating. Livio Bisterzo picked up that challenge and ran with it to start up his company and produce a new snack to make eating better an easier task for everyone!

Bisterzo is a husband, father of three, and now a successful Italian entrepreneur. He has already worked with a Danish beverage business called Little Miracles producing and marketing organic tea and juice. Now, his motivation is healthy snacks.

Starting his new mission, Bisterzo used social media to find out what consumers wanted. With the health craze came big demands for a successful new snack. Bisterzo created his new company anyway and continued his research to meet these wants, needs, and demands for this snack. Green Park Brands was born and the focus is on “better for you foods” that have a great taste and make you feel fantastic.

The result of his hard work is Hippeas, the first brand launched by Green Park Brands. Hippeas are a chickpea snack that hit consumers in April of 2016 and has shown great success. These snacks reach a large variety of consumers since they are organic, gluten free, and vegan. They also have no MSG and are non GMO for an additional plus! Hippeas also currently come in 6 flavors ranging from spicy to sweet so no matter what you are craving, it has a healthy solution. Some of the flavors are Pepper Power, Sriracha Sunshine, and Maple Haze.

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To make the purchase of this snack even better, Green Park Brands has partnered with Farm Africa to give back to those that help make the snacks. The company is working with the Eastern African chickpea farmers to help boost their economy and put more money in their pockets so they can rise out of poverty.

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) has made a successful, tasty snack that gives back to those that help make production possible. What is better than helping people while helping your body by giving it a healthy boost? Hippeas is an all around good snack choice for everyone.

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Malini Saba And The Importance Of Simplicity

Simplicity is actually very important these days. For one thing, the world has become very complicated. There is a lot of news about many different things happening in the world. Therefore, it is important for the aspiring businessman to keep things simple. This is one thing that Malini Saba advises for people who are looking for ways to succeed in the world other than just working a regular job. One of the things she has done was learn as much as she can and found a way to simplify it so that she could understand. To her credit, it worked.


When Malini started her company, she has faced a lot of obstacles. However, she has gained a lot of support and has moved through the obstacles in order to bring people one of the most successful investment companies in the industry. One of the reasons is that she has a heart that loves to help others. She is also very humble when it comes to dealing with people. She is more willing to listen than speak over people. Her way of dealing with people as a business owner is the opposite of many business owners. One thing she loves is relationships.


Speaking of relationships, she takes pride in raising her daughter. Her daughter is the most important person in her life. This is one of the reasons that she is consider someone who is of great influence to women. She is someone who gets down to work as opposed to complaining about how unfair life is. One thing that she goes by is that she is willing to do everything she can to make life better for people.


Malini Saba’s desire to make life better has led her to putting together Stree: Global Investments in Women. Therefore, she is not the only one that gets to enjoy her success, she is also someone who is interested in sharing her success with other women and children. For one thing, it is very tough for people who are in hard situations. Malini herself was in a tough spot being poor at some point in her life. Therefore, she respects and admires people who chase after their goals.


Fabletics Looks Good and Feels Better

Fabletics is a company that has worked hard to make sure that they are at the top of everything when it comes to fashion as well as function. They have done a lot to be in the position that they are in and this has given them the chance to make sure that things are better for their clients. They want to make themselves the best athleisure wear company in the world and they have come a long way in doing that since they first got started with the different things that they have to do in the business.

When it comes to making things that are good for people who do different things, Fabletics wants to make sure that their sportswear is comfortable. They have no-ride guarantees and they make sure that they are always doing the best that they can for the people who they work with. Even the most hardcore athletes think that Fabletics has done a great job at doing different things for the athletic environment. They know that the company is committed to high-quality things for each of the people who they work with and with each of the different people who they have been able to do business with.

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People who like high fashion also like to make sure that they are doing the most for the people who are in different areas. It is a good idea for people who are working out to look good while they are doing it. When they are in different areas, they can make sure that they are looking good for their own good. This will allow them the chance to make sure that they are doing everything that they can with their athletic time. They don’t have to sacrifice any fashion over the function of their clothes.

One of the best things about Fabletics is the fact that they offer a subscription service. This means that people can get the function and the fashion that the company has to offer without ever having to visit a store. Their clothes are delivered on a monthly basis and are chosen to suit the tastes and the needs of the subscriber. This ensures that everyone gets an outfit that they love and they have something that they can look forward to when they are getting their box delivered right to their door every month.

Of course, people who want to be able to get the most out of their experience can also shop in an actual store. People who do not want to deal with the subscription service model are able to get the clothes that they need from visiting the Fabletics flagship store. In this environment, customers can choose any outfit that they want and they can buy multiple ones. People who visit the store are helped by fashion assistants just like they would be in the online clothes shopping environment for the subscription service that is normally offered to customers of Fabletics and the things that they have.

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Does the Handy Cleaning Service Have a Chance for Success?

There are some finance executives who have been critical of business models like the one used by companies like Handy, Uber and Lyft.

Basically, the customer uses an app to order a person to perform a service. The customer pays the worker through the app and the business assumes some liability for the work being completed via insurance. However, the worker works as an independent contractor and the company that connects the worker with the customer doesn’t assume liability for everything. The company works extra hard to ensure that they’ve hired quality workers and only certain people are allowed to contract with the company as independent contractors. However, some would be investors, not used to this rather, “new fangled,” way of doing business aren’t so sure it’s safe and worry that the business model isn’t strong enough when it comes to safety. They feel it’s akin to a customer going onto a website like Craigslist and ordering services from a stranger; and that the business puts itself at too much risk for liability.

However, most customers and workers simply don’t feel this way. The times are changing and many people from Seniors to Baby Boomers to Gen X and Y’ers to Millenials are very accepting of this way of conducting business that integrates mobile access with services and products.

People from all generations have begun to accept social media throughout many of its various channels and have become more comfortable with doing business in a more free-form way. This isn’t to say that everyone feels like this. However, Handy.com has just secured investment dollars to expand their business in over 25 new territories in the United States alone, despite the pundits and the criticism. This shows that many people in the know can recognize a viable business model when they see one.