A Brief Look At Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a scientist and entrepreneur. He studied at the University Of Maryland in College Park, Maryland where he received a bachelor’s of science in zoology. Clay Siegall later went on to study genetics at George Washington University in Washington D.C., where he graduated with a PhD.

Mr. Clay Siegall has a long history of working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. In 1988, he joined the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. He served at the National Cancer Institute for almost three years, offering insight into cancer treatment and diagnosis. Siegall later joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, where he worked on developing new drugs and medicine for Bristol-Myers Squibb. He would work at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute until 1977, a period of six years.

In 1998, Clay Siegall took a major risk and started a biotechnology company called Seattle Genetics. He currently holds the position of chief executive officer, company president and chairman of the board of directors. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology research and development company that focuses on creating alternative treatments for cancer.

A Closer Look At Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the first companies to develop antibody-drug conjugate treatments for cancer. This is a new kind of cancer treatment that uses the targeted abilities of antibodies to specifically target cancer causing cells with new drugs to kill the cancerous cells. By specially targeting cancerous cells, healthy cells can be avoided leading to a more effective, less harsh and more successful cancer treatment.

The first FDA approved antibody-drug conjugate drug released by Seattle Genetics was called ADCETRIS® and it gained FDA approval in 2011. This new cancer treatment medicine is now approved in over 60 different countries thanks to a joint partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company of Japan. Seattle Genetics continues to develop and research new ADC treatment options and has dozens of new drugs in its pipeline.

Seattle Genetics is now a publicly trade company that has had over a billion dollars in public and private investment. It is based in the Seattle, Washington metro area and is a rapidly expanding company. CEO, Clay Siegall, has recently announced the hiring of hundreds of new employees in the future and new research and warehouse space.

SweetGreen: A Rapidly Growing Healthy Way to Happiness

Nathaniel Ru, a student from Georgetown University, found a void in the food industry in their city as they could not find a fun and healthy place to have a meal. This eventually led him and two of his classmates to open an eatery in the area that consisted of a 21-store farm-to-table style restaurant chain they called SweetGreen.


Once equipped with some backers and an architect, Ru and his classmates began a business that would grow throughout the Northeast’s major cities and suburbs. The food at SweetGreen is fresh and healthy, with the majority of the ingredients purchased from local farmers and purveyors.


Nathaniel Ru and his partners created SweetGreen to not just be a place to purchase food, the founders compared their company to Apple, in the sense that both considered the “why” before the “what.” Also, similarly to Apple, SweetGreen challenges the norms of eateries.


They do this by incorporating music into their authentic venues. When the founders were faced with the opportunity in 2009 to obtain a larger space near Dupont Circle, they opened it with the idea of having speakers and live music every Saturday and Sunday at the store. This connected music to their food in an emotional way.


This led to the creation of a “music and food experience” near a farmer’s market where much of their food was purchased. More and more people became familiar with SweetGreen and became regular customers. This has allowed Nathaniel Ru and his business partners to be more than a restaurant company, and also a lifestyle brand. Their community of healthy eating has reached out to students and professionals alike.


One marketing tactic that SweetGreen uses since they are often in cities that are very busy and therefore have a lot of parking tickets, is to put a coupon on the window of a vehicle with a parking ticket in addition to something ‘sweet’ to counteract the negativity of the parking ticket.


As to not become a chain store, Ru makes sure that each individual store has its own architect and a unique design that reflects the local tastes. Ru also notes the importance of servicing its employees. They hire great people, and often hire friends of their best employees as well.


Stores with longstanding teams have the best results. They offer company retreats to keep their employees happy, and as a way to recruit new people who will stay with the brand for a long time.

Markus Rothkranz: Removing Our Limitations For Complete Freedom

In this video, motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz explains how we can become limitless and attain true freedom. Admitting that it may sound cliché, Rothkranz says that the only way we can become limitless is to remove our limitations. Beginning at a very young age, we are told no consistently from our parents. This continues as we age even into adulthood. Our peers and even our friends may tell us no or say we can’t do something. Additionally, the internet is full of people who are negative and willing to drag you down. The reason we don’t feel limitless is because all of these limitations and strains that others have put onto us. The only issue is that we are responsible for allowing these limitations to affect us.

The reality is, Markus Rothkranz explains, the only limitations we have are the ones that we accept for ourselves. The limitation may come from an external source, but we have the choice to accept that limitation or not. Markus Rothkranz describes how all of the great pioneers that we admire set out to pursue their dreams and left everything behind. Their ideas seemed crazy at the time because nobody had dared to attempt them. Despite the discouragement and possible embarrassment, these great pioneers left everything and set out on their own to make their dreams a reality

Markus Rothkranz also encourages people to think for themselves. Seeking out advice and opinions from other people is not going to help you realize what steps need to be taken. Because your dreams are unique to you, other people may have a hard time understanding or even accepting them. It is your duty to explore those desires for yourself and trust the path that it leads you down. Markus explains that people may have to be willing to give up their jobs, their cars, their money, etc., in order to fulfill their dream.

Avi Weisfogel; A Life Full of Good Deeds

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been on the forefront against sleep apnea. With his research, it has been possible to show that there is a relationship between sleep apnea and other conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. This good doctor has a lot of experience when it comes to the sleep disorders and how they can be treated. For this reason, he has a venture called Dental Sleep Masters. With this organization, he has been trying to help develop medication for sleep apnea. Dr. Avi was motivated by the fact that nearly 90 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are never diagnosed.


Dr. Avi is very active socially as he often posts pictures of him and his wife on a hike. He has six children and has the heart for helping children across the globe especially those struggling with sleep apnea. His belief that children should be given the best medical care in the world has led him to become one of the biggest supporters of Operation Smile. Operation smile in a charity organization first established in the Philippines with the aim of helping children from all over the globe dealing with many medical problems. Doctor Avi is active on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


His role in treating the sleep apnea has been to study how dentists can work with other physicians to establish a cure for sleep apnea. The new machines that have been developed will help this good doctor make more advancement in his research as he had problems dealing with the mechanical ones. He has been practicing his career since 1999. His first office was at the Old Bridge Dental Care. He has been recognized as the dentist of the year many times. He went for his undergraduate degree at the Rutgers University where he earned a BA in Psychology and Biology before attending the New York University College of Dentistry for his DDS.


He often tweets about several issues such as dental implants as well as information about dental fears and cosmetic surgery. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Healthy Heart People. This is a charity organization that caters for the people suffering from heart and sleep problems.

Salad Never Looked So Sweet

As Nathaniel Ru and a few of his friends approached the end of their senior year at Georgetown University, they began searching for a solution to a common problem: finding healthy food. Fun eateries with nutritious offerings were few and far between, but that didn’t deter the group of hopeful fellas from reaching for something to be desired. They eyed an empty space not far from their own apartments and approached the landlord with a ridiculously short business plan in hopes that they might be able to persuade her that their brainchild, a farm-to-table eatery they called, “Greens,” was worth a chance. Believe it or, with a push from the landlady and a few edits and added pages to the business plan, Ru and his friends were in business. “Sweetgreen” was up and running and would soon attract the attention of some valuable investors who would help the team expand their college pipedream to 21 stores and counting, sprinkled across the most progressive cities in the Northwest and east.


Ru and his buddies had no idea that their business plans would amount to such success so quickly, but they’ve done their part in assuring that each eatery still adheres to their original values. For one, each restaurant is focused on providing customers with healthy, sustainable food options. The Sweetgreen team works hard to establish connections with local farms and food distributors to assure that many of their menu items are locally grown or harvested. They also work hard to make their restaurants a progressive environment. Customers are made to feel welcome and are given an extra dose of hospitality. They’ve even been known to host in-store yoga classes and an annual benefit festival.


Ru says that his passion lies in providing people with healthy food options. However, salad greens aren’t the only thing driving the success of this modern food mogul. Ru and his friends may have gotten some of their business savvy from an entrepreneurial class they took together at Georgetown. All of them are also descendants of first-generation immigrants parents who started their own businesses. But the mission of Ru isn’t an old-school one. In fact, he and his comrades have used their tech smarts to push the company’s online repertoire and app. This is where they do the majority of their sales. They’ve also embraced their fellow millennials who are looking for more than just a restaurant.


Markus Rothkranz: Raw Foods

Markus Rothkranz is a leader of the raw food movement and author of the book “Heal Yourself 101”. In this video he talks about growing up and being sick all the time. When he got older he tried becoming a vegetarian and later a vegan and while it helped a little, it did not alleviate the problems completely.

After trying these approaches, he went into the desert and spent forty days. He was inspired by the animals that he saw and how nature provides the nutrients that people need in order to survive. He found that nature is perfect and that raw fruits and vegetables are better than cooked food; which kills enzymes and enzymes are the life force for the body.

Markus gives the example of his dad who was raised eating meat and drinking alcohol. His father was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. He decided to change his life and the way he ate and his PSA went down to zero within thirty days.

Eating vegan and vegetarian is a good start, but it is not the same as eating raw foods. Whenever something is changed from the way it is found in nature, it kills vital elements. Markus views wild plants as the secret to optimal health. He gives an example of the wild radish which is only about eighteen inches tall above ground but has roots that are over one hundred feet deep. These roots absorb more nutrients than what would be grown on a commercial farm.

Markus recommends getting back to what is found in nature. If a person is having health problems, he suggests that the best idea is to completely stop eating and just drink water for awhile, he does not elaborate on how long, and then introduce juicing. Liquid food has more energy than solid food does.

The world health project, founded by Markus Rothkranz, is a plant based diet. It is not only the food that you eat. It also encompasses the body, mind and spirit. When a person’s body feels better, than their mind and spirit also feel better.

Livio Bisterzo Introduces Hashtag Give Peas A Chance for Snackers to Try Hippeas Healthy Snacks

Hippeas: Give Peas A ChanceBusinessman Livio Bisterzo, Founder of Green Park Brands is proud to introduce hashtag, #GivePeasAChance for American consumers to try new brand product, Hippeas. On September 20th, 2016, Hippeas announced that the brand has expanded its market into the United States.

Each snack sized package is only 100 calories and contains organic ingredients in variety of flavors with sources of protein and fiber. A single package includes four grams of proteins and three grams of fiber. Hippeas snacks are produced with organic chickpeas which are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Hippeas brand has produced six flavors of healthy snacks, including Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happen’ Hickory, Sriacha Sunshine, Vegan White Cheddar, and Maple Haze. Each chickpea puff is light in size and has a crunchy texture that’s gluten free, kosher and vegan. Snackers who love the spicy flavors of chili, cumin and paprika, try the fajita flavored puffs. If you enjoy the flavors of cheese, but can do without the calories of dairy products, the vegan white cheddar snack provides the taste of cheese puffs. Enjoy chickpeas snacks with a combination of sweetness and savory flavors or tangy-sweet and spicy jalapeno.

Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar organic chickpeas puffs are offered in more than 7,500 Starbucks establishments in the United States. Soon, the snack products will be coming to Amazon, Whole Foods, and other national retail stores. In Starbucks, snackers can find Hippeas in the grab-and-go section to enjoy as a mid-morning or late night snack. The mission of Green Park Brands is to bring change to the food and drink industry by giving consumers alternatives for snacking healthier.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 18 years old to complete studies at the University of Arts in London. He started his first events company and created brands for men which have been featured in GQ, Harpers, and Vanity Fair. From 2003 and 2011, he founded and acquired Kyoku for Men, Maddox Club, and Little Miracles. In 2015, Bisterzo found Green Park Holdings and in April 2016, launched the its first brand of snacks, Hippeas.

Bisterzo wants every American consumer to try their new organic chickpeas puffs by hash-tagging #GivePeasAChance on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit their website to learn more about Hippeas.

Spotlight On Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen

Every student in Georgetown knows Sweetgreen all too well for they get post-workout snacks or quick lunches in between their classes from them. That was not the case however, six years ago as only its founders made the only Hoyas who knew about Sweetgreen. The founders included Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru (all MSB ’07).The trio engaged in discussions at the start of their final year about the limited choices for affordable and healthy food around Georgetown. The trio then bonded due to a number of reasons: food, desire to start something and lastly wanting to find a solution to a problem in their lives. They then laid out the vision and came up with a business plan. The trio however, did not have any past experience despite them having successful entrepreneurs for parents.


As much as they had no experience on how to build a business or the food industry, it turned out to be a key advantage to the success of Sweetgreen. It gave them the freedom to approach any problem with fresh eyes. Their initial space on the M street proved to be small with only 500 square feet but that did not deter the trio. They opted to think in a creative manner and focus on the things they would not do without. This led to their commitment to use quality ingredients and sustainability. They also sought advice from architects, restaurant owners and the Georgetown faculty. Their business classes became beneficial as they learnt how important a value-driven business is and how a community’s culture can influence a certain brand. The trio are glad that Georgetown is still emphasizing on service importance and the far the school has grown especially in the entrepreneurship program. They have also made sure they have incorporated community service in their company through a program dubbed “Sweetgreen in Schools” that was launched in 2010. The program seeks to enlighten children on healthy living and nutrition.



About Nathaniel

Nathaniel graduated from Georgetown University with a BS Finance in 2007 from the McDonough School of Business. It is in the same year that Nathaniel and his two other friends and co-founders founded Sweetgreen, a fast seasonal and casual kitchen that focuses a lot on sustainability and local sourcing. Sweetgreen was started in Georgetown area and has since grown to about 27 branches spread across six states. The company had plans to expand to the West Coast area in 2015.


Sweetgreen firmly believes in offering customers with food that can fit their budget, values, taste, community and imagination. In a bid to boost sales, Nathaniel Ru and these two co-founders opted to start a food and music festival, Sweetlife, which is the hugest festival in the region. This event brings about 20,000 attendees and involves high class artists, top chefs, food trucks, local vendors and farmers.