Adam Goldenberg is LA’s Most Successful Young CEO

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most important young CEOs in the Los Angeles area. Some may be surprised to hear him referred to as young. But, he is still in his 30’s. The reason some may view him as older than that is the fact that he had success with his first business so early. He has been in the game since he was 16 and has had 3 companies that experienced a lot of success under his astute leadership.

His Greatest Asset is Employees

Adam Goldenberg attributes his success to a couple different things. The most important thing is his hiring practices. Goldenberg has always had a knack for hiring a quality staff of employees regardless of what kind of company he was running at the time. This is because he focuses less on experience and more on the passion that the person puts into their day to day work. Goldenberg thinks that these are great employees because those are things that you cannot teach.


The young CEO is also a fan of metrics. Some business leaders shy away from stats regarding their ideas or products because they let their ego get in the way of good decision making on Bloomberg. This is a huge mistake and Goldenberg recognizes that. He takes any statistic or number that he gets very seriously. He is not afraid to discontinue a marketing plan or take a product off of his website just because he liked the idea a lot in the first place.

Early Start

Adam Goldenberg got a lot of quality experience at a very young age. This is because his first company, a gaming network called Gamer’s Alliance, was a huge success. He sold the company in 1999 to Intermix Media. He ran Intermix after they purchased his original company.

Adam Goldenberg ran Intermix until 2004 when he headed up the internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. This company raised over $500 million in just its first year in existence. He ran the company until starting JustFab, his latest business venture, in 2012.

JustFab is the parent company of Fabletics. It is a subscription fashion and clothing business. Goldenberg recognized this business model as something that had seen success in other industries. He thought that he could transfer this success to clothing and he did that partnered with Fabletics celebrity owner, Kate Hudson. The company at started as an e-commerce site but is looking to open over 100 storefronts in the next 3 to 5 years. This looks to be just another great leadership job by Goldenberg.

Choosing A Reliable Investment Advisor Or Firm


Business conflict can lead to lawsuits and complaints. That’s what happened when Relmada Therapeutics, Inc, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company filed a complaint against Laidlaw & Company, a well-known investment bank and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The judge in this case issued a restraining order against Laidlaw & Company.


Laidlaw & Company is an investment brokerage firm, which previously served as a financial management and investment banker to Relmada Therapeutics. Laidlaw and its principals have been known to provide excellent services to clients, including Relmada Therapeutics. Due to disagreements, certain legal steps had to be taken to ensure a smooth resolution of the issue.


When it comes to investment solutions and wealth management, it is important to be sure you are dealing with a trusted team of professionals. There are many companies out there offering financial management and investment services but not all of these firms have the sills and resources to provide the quality service you need for successful outcome.


Laidlaw & Company has clients from all walks of life and they keep using the services of theis company because Matthew Eitner and James Ahern deliver on their promise. They have great expertise in the investment field and guide clients on how they can manage their wealth or acquire the capital they need to improve their investments, businesses and other endeavors. These professionals are considered some of the best in the investment industry, and can help you become a successful investor.


If achieving success appeals to you and you need the right guidance, it’s imperative that you choose a reputable firm. To learn more about Laidlaw & Company and how their services can help you reach your investment goals, have a look at their website and then get in touch with them.


Blogger Takes 7-Day Hair Challenge With WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Most of us have been brought up to wash our hair with big, frothy lather shampoos and matching conditioners. Rarely do any of us check the side of the bottle for ingredients. It’s just shampoo, what could be the problem?
Plenty, according to Chaz Dean, the famous celebrity stylist on the L.A. scene. He is the man behind the WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo brand that has transformed many heads of hair around the world. His customers are obsessed, because WEN by Chaz uses healthy cleansing conditioners with plant-based ingredients to add amazing shine, body and strength to hair of any type out there.

His star clients look for quality and honesty, and that’s what WEN by Chaz delivers in each bottle of their special cleansing conditioners. It’s not a shampoo experience; it’s a WEN zen experience like no other, without the harmful, hair weakening detergents. WEN finds itself on the shelves of popular hair care stores like Sephora and online sites like Amazon.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was frustrated with her own limp, lackluster locks and dreamed of WEN’s Hollywood hair results, so she decided to try the no-lather system out. Emily kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies for a 7-day WEN journey.

As she massaged Wen to her hair and scalp in the shower every morning, Emily really liked the way her rough, frizzy hair smoothed out and swelled in thickness. As she blow-dried and styled her medium length locks, she was blown away. Emily’s selfies show big, beautiful Hollywood hair, and her friends were dying to know her secret.

To get the very best out of WEN by Chaz’ no lather shampoo, Emily advises letting hair get used to a routine, and in her experience, a daily AM WEN wash. Always take the time and effort to blow-dry and style she says, and you will witness knockout shine and manageability.

Check out the Wen hair website:

Visit WEN Hair Care page:

Redefining the Healthcare Future – InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a leading company in redefining healthcare management. They work with network providers, Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plans. We know that healthcare changes on a daily basis and it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes. InnovaCare and their expert staff can help you find an affordable Advantage Plan that is suitable for your healthcare needs. They are at the top of their industry and are continually making huge strides to succeed with each management course of action. Healthcare can be very confusing as to what is covered and what is not. Many think that their plan should cover everything and the fact of the matter is, that it doesn’t. InnovaCare Health can help explain each Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plan by working with different networks and utilizing their tope of the line technology. Their advancements in the industry are vastly exponential and they are experts in their redefining healthcare field.

As more and more people are becoming of the Medicare coverage age, they are finding it harder to receive healthcare coverage. Many elect to carry the traditional Medicare plan, but about 1/3 of beneficiaries are opting to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan according to Penelope Kokkinides. One may choose this type of plan because they tend to cover other items and services that the traditional Medicare doesn’t, and it fits better with their medical needs. Not only do they cover items that Medicare doesn’t, but the premium can be less as well. The beneficiary is still required to pay the monthly premium for the Advantage Plan. The federal government is responsible for placing funds into the Medicare Advantage Plans account of business. It will become a fixed rate that they pay per person and it is a contracted rate that the plan pays regardless of the charges.

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InnovaCare has been in business for many years, and is dedicated to providing exceptional services to the community of customers who are interesting in a Medicare or Medicaid Advantage Plan. Rick Shinto mission is to put the customer first and they will work hard to ensure that you understand your healthcare plan first and foremost so that if you should need the healthcare coverage, it’s readily available and it’s covered, which are two of the most important aspects of healthcare coverage. With all of the changes taking place and the added confusion, let InnovaCare Health help you with your next move.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: Times Have Changed

Ken Goodrich is a man of high integrity and a man who takes each and every day seriously on the job. He doesn’t believe in taking a day off when you are working. As the old cliche goes, he is the first one in the office and the last one to leave. He likes to lead by example. This is infectious and it rubs off on his employees at Goettl Air Conditioning. If the man in charge is this motivated and this hard working, they know they need to do their part too. They can’t just sit back, relax, and take it easy. You have made a commitment and you need to follow through with it all the way until the end, no matter what obstacles you may face or what life throws at you.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

There is another expression that I really like and it goes something like this: life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. How you react to it makes all the difference in the world. When Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2012, he didn’t cry and whine about the state of the company. He took a positive attitude to it and he wanted his employees to have the same level of excitement and positivity toward the job.

He talks about dealing with criticism when he took over the job, and he even says it is how you deal with it that matters. Now, some people are thin skinned, overly sensitive, and don’t like to be criticized. They believe that everything they do is perfect and they have no flaws. You have to something called self awareness and when you have that, you can really go far in life and especially in business. You need to know what to work on, what needs fixing, and what you can do to make turn the situation from a positive into a negative.

You see, you don’t always have to look at problems as just that, problems. You can look at them as a chance to hone your customer service skills, your people skills, and learn how to interact with people and try to make them happy. You can’t make everyone happy, but if you are making more people happy than you are upset, you are definitely on the right path to success in business. Let me tell you, Ken Goodrich from Goettl is making a lot of folks smile.


How Securus Technologies Has Enhanced Communication Between Inmates and their Families

I believe that Securus Technologies has managed to play a big part in the lives of the inmates and their family members back at home. With new improved technological features, the inmates can better communicate with their families and share some of the moments with them at home. The feeling that the prisoners get talking and conversing with their families is utterly fulfilling and helps in their rehabilitation process.

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I also believe that the new advanced video visitation feature by the technology giant will go to a large extent in ensuring that families of the incarcerated person get to honor their loved one in jail. The family back at home can organize a concert where each family member participates in honoring the person and showing the love they have for him and how much he or she is missed at home. The effort made by the families in honoring their loved ones is a touching gesture from the family, and once again Securus Technologies has gone and extra mile to ensure that the distance does not make the inmates and families become strangers. The video quality of the new technology feature by Securus is user-friendly for most prisoners and is also fair to many people who are in prison. It ensures that the prisoner sees the kind of family he or she has and works towards his rehabilitation to join them once he is out. Therefore, this technology will help the prisoners with the recovery process as well as sharing special moments with a spouse and catching up with children who are at home.

Securus Technologies is one of the most established companies that have been serving correctional institutions in many States in the United States. The company started by offering simple telephone services for inmates to their families but has over the years improved the services to better aid communication. They have introduced the video visitation technology that will ensure that families can connect without having to go down to the prison which helps in saving money. The advantage of the new technology is that anyone using an iPhone, iPad or an Android device can use the feature for communication. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas in the State of Texas and has established other regional offices. The company serves at least three thousand four hundred correctional facilities in most of the States serving over one million inmates.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Promising Future for Banking in Texas

NexBank has posted its results for 2015 and has seen remarkable success throughout the course of the year. As compared to the previous year, NexBank has made 35% more on its Return on Average Equity and it reached a net income of a little more than $53 million. NexBank saw particular success in its fourth quarter, with a net income of roughly $16 million compared to $10 million around the same time last year.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though, as NexBank is one of the most popular leaders in regional banking in Texas. John Holt, the president of NexBank Capital, has pointed to the year-over-year successes of NexBank as proof of its consistently strong performance. As for next year, NexBank intends to capitalize on its existing strength in the market to pursue new business opportunities and continue building its network of institutional clients.

NexBank’s success primarily stems from its work in three channels: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Investment Banking. By working with clients directly to provide new financial services, NexBank is able to develop a banking platform that serves a wide range of both individuals and companies. It is likely because of this versatility that they were able to become such a dominant figure of Dallas financial services. In fact, its parent company has reported 48% growth over the previous year, indicating a very healthy portfolio and a solid array of valuable services to customers.

NexBank’s latest expansion was on November 30, 2015, when they acquired College Savings Bank in an attempt to diversify their balance sheet. As a part of their expansion policies, NexBank seeks to find a balance between building up their portfolio and effectively managing their risks. NexBank is currently based in Dallas and is a member of the FDIC.

Nutrimost Sues Healthy Living

It’s hard to think that two weight lose companies would have the same promotional video, but that is what allegedly happened between Nutrimost and Healthy Living.

What is the Same?
The videos both say things that are almost identical such as that you don’t need to change your diet or have exercise to help you lose the weight. They also give testimonials that are close to the same wording. The whole commercial is close to Nutrimost and they are taking action to make Healthy Living take their video down.

Who is Nutrimost?
Nutrimost is a weight loss company that works hard to help customers lose weight. They offer a system that can take the hard part out of weight loss. They offer solutions you can do while you are dieting as well as exercising and some that you don’t need to do that with. It never hurts to use Nutrimost with a healthy way of life so you can continue to keep the weight off once you stop using the Nutrimost.

Why The Video is So Important?
The video is important to Nutrimost because it helps them to promote the system they created. They want to be truthful in the way they present their company and if someone else makes a video that is close and uses the same items, then they may not look as good as they could. They want to maintain a sense of authenticity to their brand and products because they are good and work for most people.

There are a lot of times you may see Nutrimost and wonder if they are a good company. If you watch their video, you will see they are a great company to use in order to lose the weight you want and to feel better about yourself.


White Shark Media Earns my Seal of Approval

For the past seven months I’ve been working with White Shark Media with great success. The company has bent over backwards to ensure my company’s success and since I’ve seen great improvements in sales and customers over the past few months without any other changes, I am inclined to say that they’ve put magic into the mix of things.

I like everything about this company and what they stand for. I knew from the initial phone call that the company wasn’t the average digital marketing company on the market. The operator seemed professional and knowledge of the company and their services, but even more importantly, that she valued what I had to say.

Watch the Video that explains all about WSM:

The cost of the services that I use from White Shark Media are very reasonable. Thanks to a free upfront pricing quote I was able to compare before I hired the company. Of the six companies I reviewed, White Shark Media Review team was by far the very best. They offer a couple of package deals, too. While I’m currently not using the package, I certainly plan to change things up in the near future.

Working with this company is simple and enjoyable. Some companies are all about the cash, and while it is expected that a company want to profit, it shouldn’t be at the customer’s expense as I’ve noted so many times. I admit that I don’t understand a great deal about digital marketing, search engines or any of that, but with this company it isn’t a problem. I am actually learning new things each day that I work with them. I’ve never felt like the company was trying to take me on a ride or get over on me as I have in the past with some companies that ive worked with.

All in all I have nothing bad to say about White Shark Media. They’ve certainly impacted my company in a major way and made it possible for me to sit here today without an empty bank account. I will use the company as long as I continue to experience the exceptional results as I currently enjoy. I recommend any business owner in need of search engine marketing give this company a try.