Soros Warns Of Economic Crisis Worse Than 2008

George Soros has a wide theater of works such as hedge fund management, financial strategy, economics as well as politics. Not only that but he also earned a name for himself by “breaking the bank of England,” by short selling US dollars and reaping a massive profit of one billion during Black Wednesday. So needless to say, when the Hungarian mogul speaks on financial matters people tend to listen.

This is just what occurred at a recent economic summit in Sri Lanka were Soros spoke over his concerns about the state of the global economy, ominously stating that the current state of economic affairs for the world’s major markets (which have been experiencing massive downturns) reminds him of the financial situation present during the 2007 and 2008 financial market housing bubble crash.

Soros allocated a great deal of the trouble facing the world markets on to the economic downturns experienced at the tail end of the year in 2015 which carried over into 2016 a domino effect that was put into motion, accidentally, by the Chinese financial sector. The reason, he said, that China is having so many problems is that the nation has yet to make their currency easily convertible and as well as the seeming lack of any kind of progressive growth model moving forwards. In addition, he noted that there also needs to be work done for the Chinese economy to return to more positive interest rates and some thought given to the fact that China is shifting rapidly away from manufacturing and heading towards a more consumerist and service based market conception.


Soros said that China’s adjustment problems amounted to a “crisis” akin to the financial collapse experienced in the United States in 2008, only much, much worse. Soros went on to say that it is something everyone should be concerned about. There is now a great deal of statistical data backing up Soros’ claims, such as the data analyzed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, commonly referred to as the “Fear Gauge” which has shown a clear-cut increase in market instability – a rise of thirteen percent – a trend which other volatility indexes (such as the Nikkei Stock Average and the Merrill Lynch Index) are also documenting.

However, not everything is all doom and gloom, for instance, China has released public statements pledging to put forth a plan for increased Yuan convertibility as well as to focus more on their manufacturing sector. What the future holds, for China’s economy, as well as the rest of the world’s is unclear, what is clear is that whether things improve or not they will likely have to get much worse before they get better.

How Does Laidlaw & Company Offer Investment Diversity?

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US Money Reserve Services


The US Money Reserve has unveiled a new user-friendly, e-commerce website and catalogue displaying rare and unique gold, platinum and silver coins. Some of the outstanding features about this website include its intuitive functionality and detailed product information. According to U.S. Money Reserve news feature on CBS19 TV in Austin, TX the site is designed to reflect the corporation’s status as the leader in the precious metals industry and project its core commitment on delivering superior customer service.

The President of the US Money Reserve Ryan Diehl contends that the newly unveiled website will educate visitors on various issues including the benefits of owning government issued bullion and purchasing precious metals. The Vice President of Brand and Creative, Mr. Ryan Buchanan on his part, believes the new fully-responsive tool will allow the corporation to produce quality content in various platforms. The site also offers competitive live pricing of gold and silver bullion.

The new product will be a great addition to the PCGS certified coins and other exclusive products offered by the US Money Reserve to its growing base of discerning precious metals buyers. To use the site, customers need to sign up for a gold information kit, before checking the knowledge center for up-to-date information on issues such as grading, coin minting and precious metals purchasing. For updates on the precious metals market, visitors can go to the Gold News Room.

The other tool designed to enhance user experience is the Client-Connect Advantage that gives officials at the US Money Reserve the opportunity to connect and consult directly with clients. The platform also offers other benefits including; secure offline transactions, purchasing assistance and special offline releases. As part of its business policy, the US Money Reserve has a highly trusted Buyback Guarantee that offers 30-day, full refund on certified coin orders at current market prices.

About US Money Reserve
The Austin, Texas based US Money Reserve, Inc was founded in 2001 by gold market veterans, who saw a void in the in the market for expert market knowledge, top-notch customer service and trustworthy guidance in the precious metals market. Today, the US Money Reserve has grown to become the world leader in the distribution of US and foreign government issued gold, silver and platinum legal tender products.

Outside its corporate engagements, the firm focuses its corporate giving on a number of charities that support children’s welfare. According to the website, the corporation supports the Boy Scouts of America, Austin Children’s Center and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2011, the firm underwrote the Austin CowParade to fund raise for the Superhero Kids Endowment. The event which was held at Dell Children Hospital remains one of the firm’s biggest charitable engagements.

Sanjay Shah, The Family Man, Philanthropist And Owner Of Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah is a British-born Dubai-based business person who is well known due to his success and that of his Solo Capital in business. Sanjay Shah lives with his wife and three children in Dubai. His son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Sanjay Shah and his wife underwent a lot of struggle trying to get their son medical help. For the love of his son, Sanjay Shah retired from active business management. He did this with an aim of helping other children suffering from autism like his son access medical help. Sanjay Shah’s first donation towards autism was when he purchased two buses with pictures of his son to the government facility dealing with autistic children. Before he chooses to support the fight against autism, Sanjay Shah was already giving donations to the less fortunate. His donations helped give the children better health care services and education.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks, a charity organization that mainly focuses on autism. Sanjay Shah uses Autism Rocks to spread awareness about autism to parents with autistic children on how to take care of them. He also raises money for his Autism Rocks charity through hosting private parties. In this private parties, his friend who are musicians helps him give the guests moment to remember. Sanjay Shah has so far worked with artists like Snoop Dog, Drake, and Prince among many others in this fund raising concerts. Money raised from this concerts is used to fund operations of the Autism Rocks. This money is also used to purchase equipment for hospitals that help treat autistic children. Furthermore, this money is used to fund research into autism and it possible remedies and treatment. Sanjay Shah hopes that his Autism Rocks will be able to touch more children’s lives through its missions and objectives. Sanjay Shah urges more individuals and institutions to participate in this charity course.

Solo Capital, is one of the major investment firms owned by Sanjay Shah. This firm is an investment boutique that offers its services to various clients from all over the world. The firm offers services such as proprietary trading which includes FX, commodities, and derivatives. Solo Capital also offers business consultancy. Among its consultancy services, you will be able to benefit from investment advice, the performance of an investment and human resources. This firm is among the best professional sports management service providers. Under this sector, Solo Capital according to handles talent acquisition, commercial advisory, and asset management. Solo Capital boosts of a highly experienced and professional team that served its clients. Their staff have a wide variety of market knowledge which is very beneficial to their clients. Currently, Solo Capital is one of the biggest investment firms in the world ad most clients favor it due to their market expertise.