Behind the Lens: Next Level Lacrosse Camp Owner Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is an individual with many different talents. He is the type of individual who is able to excel in nearly every endeavor he puts his mind to. Not only has he been able to succeed with his physical talents, but he has also been able to excel with many of his creative talents as well. This is something that has allowed him to push forward with many of his different passions in life.

Urbana is most well known for his skills in lacrosse. In college, Jon Urbana received many awards for the amazing way in which he played lacrosse. This led him to also create a summer camp that has helped many rookie lacrosse players develop their skills.

Urbana has taken quite a liking to videography. He has focused mainly on animal and landscape videography. As he progresses in the field of video, it is easy to see the quality of his videos only improving more with each production.

Urbana has great skills in music as well. He has been able to create amazing recordings with just his laptop and an acoustic guitar. His fusion between electronic music and acoustic music has been something that has really branded him as an artist.

Urbana loves to fundraise as well. He has been very successful for raising money from the Jon Urbana base to help many different organizations. He has helped with relief efforts, community action projects, and more. Urbana continues to change the lives of many with the funds that he helps to raise.

Brad Reifler: The Common Man’s Investment Champion

Forefront Capital is an investment firm and Brad Reifler is its founder CEO. This man has been in the investment business for many years. He first began investing his money during his young adult years and has since gained valuable experience that he wants to share with the public. On Twitter it’s clear Reifler knows what kind of challenges that the common man faces. So he offers some basic advice that would be beneficial to this group of people.

All investors should consider risks, charges and expenses that are related to their investments. He challenges people to assess their assets and to create goals instead of blindly throwing money to the market.

You should be very concerned with the type of investment that you making so you can protect your money.

Limit the amount of money that you plan on putting into the stock market.

Make sure that you know the person that will be investing your money and develop a trusting relationship with them.

Consider your investment strategy and objective. Why are you investing in a particular vehicle? Also, if you see something is working then stick with it while adding to it.

Many years ago Wikipedia indicates Reifler was left with an inheritance by his father-in-law. He had a decent amount of money since his father-in-law had his own business. However, when Reifler went to invest this cash he was limited with what he could do with it. Back then Reifler realized that there were many opportunities for his money to grow. However, he quickly discovered that only high end investors could take advantage of those opportunities.

Reifler’s company Forefront Group does cater to high end clients. He does this for a reason. However, his own personal experience is what motivates him to champion the cause of the lower income investor. He wants them to know that their money and time worthwhile and that they do matter in the world of investing. If you want to find out more about Reifler’s investment advice and his company you can take a look at Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing to get more information.

Brian Torchin – Keeping Staffers Coming and Medical Offices Humming

Health care practices need highly qualified personnel, and when you go to a medical office, you want to see a friendly, competent pro. Both are Brian Torchin’s specialty. His company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors, provides job opportunities to medical professionals and high-quality staffers to patients.

Torchin has been CEO of HCRC since 2007, and the company now has 200 clients, in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia as well as the United States. HCRC focuses on helping their clients’ practices run smoothly when there’s an inevitable change of staff. The company is available nights and weekends, and does background checks and staff training as well as recruiting; replacement professionals can generally be found within 72 hours. Torchin recalls a time when a chiropractor quit a 400-patient practice without notice. HCRC was able to find a replacement within 2 days, and the practice remained open, losing no business.

As well as chiropractors, HCRC is able to replace medical doctors, podiatrists, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. They can also provide staff for urgent care facilities, and place medical office managers and public relations representatives. makes it pretty clear Torchin is well qualified to run an international medical recruitment company. Before his experience with HCRC, he was Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management, Inc. from 2000 to 2007, and managed offices in Delaware, Florida, and Philadelphia. He’s also a practicing chiropractor who graduated from New York Chiropractic College. Torchin attributes his success to his past experience, which taught him to build long-term relationships with clients and always respect what the client wants. This is especially important as medical practices try to lowers their costs while increasing patient satisfaction at the same time. He’s also skilled at finding medical professionals a position that’s a good fit for them.

Though he’s a busy CEO, Torchin Tweets on the HCRC website about issues of medical recruiting. He doesn’t forget that his clients are there to serve their patients. His article “Warning Signs That Your Practice Isn’t Patient Friendly” stresses that everyone in the office should make patients feel welcome. He writes, “Make sure you and your office staff make it crystal clear to each one of your patients that you realize if it weren’t for them (the patients) you wouldn’t be there.”

Looking for Real Estate at the Right Time

Shopping around for real estate is all about timing. It is when you go, when you want to sell, when you look to buy. All of this comes back and plays a very big impact into the overall kind of home you are able to afford and even the kind of home on the market. In the New York apartments for rent market, there are always new trends moving through the region. At Town Residential, they want to make sure you are always able to not only land the best luxury home (or sell your luxury home) but also understand what the market intends on doing. This way, you know whether or not you should stop, buy a house now, or if you are able to take your time.


Currently, as Town Residential points out, the New York real estate has shifted down. The property values are not expected to move up or down in the coming months, which means both buyers and sellers can take their time. Now, if you find a house you really like you should still move on it, because there is always the chance it is sold to another buyer. It simply means you don’t need to settle on a house you don’t really like simply because the market is going to jump up sometime in the near future. With that being said though, interest rates are likely going to inch up over the next several months. So, you might see a quarter of a percentage point increase over this time. In the high-end real estate market, this can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars more over the course of a 30 year mortgage, so it is something to keep in the back of your head, but again, never just buy a house to buy a house.


Lastly, due to the leveling off of the real estate market, you are likely not going to land a deal on a property. Unless someone is desperate to sell or the house is in really bad shape, most deals are not going to materialize, which means you’ll need to pay closer to asking price.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is one of the lead members of the DeVos family which is a prominent family that constantly gives back to their community in West Michigan through volunteering as well as through donations. The DeVos family is an expanding family that are the proud owners of Amway Corporation which grew from a business in a basement to an international corporation with Dick leading. Dick is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to philanthropy activities. One of the biggest accomplishments that he is proud of is donating through his family foundation to several education institutions with the intent of teaching others of the importance of higher education. He has even founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy to both improve improve education in avionics and to make the pursuit of a career in flight possible as he is a pilot and flight enthusiast himself.

With Dick DeVos’ success, he and his wife have decided to pursue the liquor business out of interest. Current investments and deals that they have made have made them an unofficial partner at the Coppercraft Distillery. While nothing has been officially confirmed, it has been reported that the LLC had approved the transfer of the license early in 2016. 

Dick DeVos’ has been showing his excitement to work with Coppercraft Distillery owner, Walter Catton III who opened this business in 2013. With just two years in business, this distillery has already expanded to a 9,000 square-foot facility. This new facility includes both a tasting room that can seat 50 people as well as kitchen. The brand new kitchen will be used to make appetizers that will go with the homemade cocktails. 

The current project that Mr. DeVos is excited to be working on is building up the inventory for the Tulip Time Festival which is one of the largest events on Lakeshore. In addition to providing refreshments to this large festival, Coppercraft Distillery distributes the product to over 100 different locations in Colorado, Illinois, as well as in Michigan. Coppercraft Distillery can provide liquor for any function whether it be for a party or for a restaurant. 

Currently, Mr. DeVos and the owner are proud to say that the company has a staff of both full-time as well as part-time workers. These craftsmen handcraft some of the finest vodkas, gins, rums, as well as whiskey. The company has even been recently working to make the perfect handcrafted beer and wine to broaden the inventory list. With the expansion of this distillery, Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy, are excited to become members of this great new experience that will soon expand business in Michigan.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Charles Koch’s significance in the presidential race

The American presidential race is on, and there are various outrages towards what the candidates are bringing out as agendas. The recent criticism has come from a billionaire Charles Koch, who is an entrepreneur and described as a philanthropist. Charles Koch is against whatever that the candidates are campaigning to implement for the people. He is so disappointed that the real issues that are affecting the American community are not addressed, and candidates are concentration on non-issues. It makes him wait a little longer to offer his support in financing the campaign. He is willing to spend an amount worth $ 900 million on the 2016 presidential campaign but not in the primaries.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 to Mary Robinson and Fred C Koch as his parents. He later inherited a business by the brand Koch Industries from his father. Currently, they own it with his brother where they have equal shares in the business. They invested in more product lines and expanded the territory of their father. He is the Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and he chairs the board that runs the company. Both brothers are actively involved in the multi-billion businesses since, David Koch, holds a position of Executive Vice President of Koch Industries.

Charles Koch is always passionate about a liberated society which is free from patronage. He is an admirer of a 19th-century politician who supported the smooth running of the business in any society. The British politician, William Gladstone is his political hero and role model. He is a liberal and will always wish for a society that is free of dictatorship and which supports entrepreneurship in any form as long as it improves the society. Politics is an arm of a stable government, and this must be put on the main agenda tp ensure that politics plays the largest role in improving people’s lives. He is mostly concerned of the campaign taglines that both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are raising as agendas.

The Muslim community has been in existence for the rest of America’s life, and there is totally nothing wrong to live still with them. Trump suggests that they should be locked out of America and forced to register with the American government. Charles Koch is against such actions because that destroys the free society that we should embrace where businesses should be conducted freely and with peace in the country.

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Keith Mann To Award Scholarships to Uncommon Schools Graduates In Brooklyn

In partnership with the Uncommon Schools, a chartered non-profit organization based in New York, Keith Mann has announced the Keith Mann scholarship for professional achievers. In this scholarly opportunity, Keith will be awarding one achiever an opportunity to undertake a four-year fully paid college degree. The chance will be awarded to a graduating senior in one of the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn.

Keith and Keenly Mann of the Dynamic Search Partners will be focusing on the low-income students. The scholarship will give these students a chance to graduate with a college or university degree hassle-free. Additionally, the degree will give them the opportunity to reap from the professional world the benefits of possessing a degree certificate.
To qualify for the scholarship, the first requirement is that one should be a graduating senior from one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn. The senior also need to apply for the scholarship with a 1000-word essay outlining how beneficial; the scholarship would be if awarded to them. Successful candidates will be announced by the end of March 2016, the time upon which they will receive the scholarship amounting to $ 5,000 that will go towards their college tuition.
Uncommon Schools organization, manages outstanding public schools across Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. These are primarily the schools dominated by low-income earners in these states. The organization aims at ensuring schools are well equipped as well as bridging the performance gap with private schools and prepare the low-income students for college and university.
Keith is a longtime advocate for education for the youths and regularly identifies strong, youthful leaders and places them with companies that can nurture their success. Having worked in the executive search industry for close to two decades, Keith Mann has set himself apart as a business leader in the field. He is a hedge fund compensation professional that possesses a host of other skills and experience in various other fields as staffing and hiring strategies. Keith is also the founder of the Dynamics search partners and dynamic executive search, both of which serve the private equity industry and the alternative investment firms across the United States, Europe, and Asia.
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CPAP Machines Can Treat Sleep Apnea And Enhance Sound Sleep

Most Americans are known for involving themselves with a lot of trips, whether for business or pleasure, and spending too many hours away from home. This can however be challenging to those people suffering from sleep apnea conditions because too many travels generates a quandary in using the CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine to help in having a sound sleep.

Sleep apnea by definition is a disorder that involves difficulty in breathing during sleep, this is normally caused by the back of the throat collapsing during sleep and therefore blocking the airway for easy breathing. Its symptoms include loud snoring, or choking during sleep, and in many cases it is associated with poor sleep and fatigue during the day. The disorder is also associated with other problems such as cardiovascular, high risk of diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure as well as obesity.
A CPAP machine is the most prescribed choice of treatment for sleep apnea. This machine contains a mask that is fitted on the nose and mouth so as to provide a constant flow of air to the lungs. This will keep the nostrils open and will make the person suffering from the condition to sleep soundly. The machine is also able to measure changes in breathing and can help health professionals to adjust the air pressure and provide extra treatments.
There is a travel CPAP machine for people who are always traveling. It is smaller in size and therefore portable. The machine can also monitor the sleep data and record it. Most of the CPAP machines are easy to use. However patients need to select the best CPAP machines that is right for them, because they are not the same. Consulting with a professional doctor can provide the best advice on the comfort of a CPAP machine.
One professional doctor who deals with treating sleep apnea patients is referred to as Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is one of the top sleep apnea doctors in the country. He established the Dental Sleep Masters together with two other dentists, located in South Orange, New Jersey. Their aim was to assist those patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.
Weisfogel together with other dentists associated with the company assists patients with oral devices which serve as an alternative to other conventional treatments of sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel is specifically in charge of the overall business growth of the company.
Formerly he was serving as the owner of Old Bridge Dental Care. Here he worked with numerous physicians across the country and helped them to run sleep laboratories within their locations. He also taught other dentists on how to serve sleep patients

Handy Helps People Get Cleaning Services

A clean house can be hard to do. Many busy professionals find it is very difficult for them to make the time each week to help their house stay in good shape and be as clean as possible. This is why they may choose to hire a cleaning service. The right kind of cleaning service can be ideal for anyone’s needs and wants. A cleaning service can also be useful for those who need to have someone on their side in the event they are going to host guests in their house for a dinner or another special occasion of some kind.

Finding a cleaning service can be hard. This is why many people look for ways to help make that process much easier. One company that has helped streamline this process is the app called Handy. This app has been much used since it was introduced a few years ago. The app allows people to download it and then pick out a list of companies in their area that are right for their plans. All of the companies that are listed in any given search are companies that are know to offer the best quality cleaning services for their patrons.

Handy aims to help take the problems out of finding a cleaning company. Those who download it can be assured that any company they choose to hire as a result of finding it here is a company that has been fully examined and carefully researched by the staffers here. They know that such a company is one that allows them to be able to count on having a cleaning service for them that will get them the help they need when they need it right at their door. They also know that using the app is simple and easy.

A user need not worry that the results they get from using are not accurate or helpful. They can set up a series of specific parameters by the app that allow them to pick out specific criteria such as having a cleaning service that will show up each day or one that will only show up once a week. This allows the user to be able to dictate terms and find the right company for their needs. It also allows them help figure out how best to get their needs met when it comes having an ideal cleaning service.

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Problems that China is Likely to Face With the Drop of the Yuan

Betting against the Yuan has gone back to its former position just as at the beginning of the year. China’s attempt to flood domestic markets with cash while starving offshore markets is being seen as a shortcoming. The Yuan loans offered by the Hong Kong Inter bank have fallen to 4.87 percent, which is 59 points lower than the evaluation undertaken in December. Chris Morrison of Omni Partners hedge fund stated that the funds will flow offshore and will offer a pool of Yuan that will be borrowed or sold if China does not impose capital control policies.

According to predictions, this year, the Yuan might fall by 15 percent and this will make it difficult for China to put a wedge between the onshore and offshore interests. The borrowing costs of the Yuan in Hong Kong have surged across all tenors. This in turn has drained market supplies and added the expense of borrowing for short trades and selling borrowed assets. The Yuan Hibor, which is a benchmark used in pricing loans in currencies outside China, was brought by the Hong Kong Treasury Markets Association in 2013. This information was originally reported on Bloomberg.

Highland Capital management is an investment firm based in Dallas Texas. The firm was established in 1993. The securities Exchange commission has registered the firm to undertake its objectives. Currently, the firm has about $21 billion worth of assets under its management. The firm focuses on Collateralized loan obligations, private equity, hedge funds and long term and short term funds. The firm also invests in natural resources, emerging markets as well as long and short equities. Owing to demand for its products and services, the company has established offices in different parts of the globe. The firm has additional offices in Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York and Singapore.

James Dondero is the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management. He is also a certified financial analyst and a certified management accountant. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with a Beta Gamma Sigma. In the university, Jim pursued a degree in finance and accounting. He started his career at the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984 as an analyst. Watch Jim and his team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.

In 1985, the American Express hired him as a corporate bond analyst. Later, he became a portfolio manager. In 1989, Jim moved to Protective Life, which is the subsidiary of GIC. At Protective life, he served as a chief investment officer. Jim has more than 30 years experience in credit and equity markets. His expansive experience in varying investment markets and leading companies has seen him serve as a board member of MGM studios and American Banknote. Mr. Dondero is the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank.