My Dog Gets Spoiled With Varieties Of Beneful

When I first bought my dog, Marco, I wasn’t sure what to feed him because I have never owned an animal before. I have owned small animals, like lizards and fish, but I know that a large dog requires a different type of attention. Marco was a big puppy when I bought him from the animal shelter last May. He was a sweet dog, and I knew that when I first saw him in the shelter that he would be the right dog for me. Something about his calm demeanor and personality really mixes with me well. He was a puppy, so I bought him the best and healthiest puppy food that I could find in the pet store. It was made by Beneful, which is by Purina. It was called Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. The reason I bought that one instead of buying any of the many other puppy foods is because it is made with real chicken and other natural ingredients. Needless to say, he loved the puppy food, and he always cleaned his bowl. That bowl was licked dry when I would pick it up. I fed him often when he was a puppy, but he’s now on a strict feeding schedule since he is an adult dog. He eats his breakfast when I wake up and feed him in the morning time, so he’s always standing by my bedroom door. I can hear him panting heavily outside of my door before I come out of my room. He can probably smell the dog treats in my room. I keep Beneful Baked Delights in my dresser drawer to give him when I come out of my room. We always go for a walk before breakfast because it helps with digestion. Going for a brief ten to fifteen minute walk before eating a meal helps increase the metabolism of people and dogs. I like to think that I’m doing right for us, so I usually bring the Baked Delights with us on our walk. I usually buy the kind called Heartfuls because I like the name. We have also tried the Baked Delights called Hugs. My dog is really important to me. That is why I buy Beneful Chopped Blends. They have 20 different kinds of Chopped Blends on Facebook available at the pet store. We usually get the kind with chicken, rice and carrots because he loves it.

Jon Urbana’s Accomplishments And Achievements In Creativity And Business

Achieving Great Results

The world needs talented people, and in this article we will be covering the greatest achievements of one of the world’s most talented business minds and creative individuals. His name is Jon Urbana. He has been involved in some of the most successful business ventures, including sports training on Twitter and laser development. This is not all. His wide range of talents and successful achievements also include his works in photography, videography and music. To top it all off, Jon Urbana has received great praise and recognition as a pilot. This article is meant to highlight some of his greatest achievements in these diverse fields.

The Business Achievements Of Jon Urbana

His work in creating sports training programs was inspired by his achievements as an athlete. Jon Urbana was involved in lacrosse for many years. Then, he decided to join forces with others in order to train youth athletes in lacrosse. They started their training program in Colorado, and the program seriously helps the athletes as well as the community that holds the programs. Jon eventually went on to more business ventures as the lacrosse program continued to run. He currently is the Head of Business in a company that deals with laser programing.

Aviation Achievements From FAA

The FAA judges pilots based on a variety of criteria, and they present their recognition to the airmen that exceed these standards. Their recognition is above par with the standards of the rest of the world. Jon Urbana has achieved such greatness in recognition from the FAA, and he continues to strive for perfection in his aviation career, just as he has with Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, his popular GoFundMe drive.

Creativity In Jon Urbana’s Life And Accomplishments

Jon Urbana is also focusing his energy on his music, photography and video production. Some of his photos are on display at Imgur, such as Earth Temple.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

He creates a type of electronic music that he releases on Soundcloud. He has built up quite a following on MTV by mixing with other artists’ music and creating his own unique style of music. He releases his photos on Instagram, and his videos are some of the most exquisite and insights pieces online.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Charity Program by U.S. Money Reserve


US Money Reserve, a well recognized company that helps customers to choose high value coins, has started a crowd funding initiative on CrowdRise. The campaign is inviting well wishers to donate towards Texas’ Capital Area Food Bank, a program for eradicating hunger around Texas region. The information was released on Digital Journal.US Money Reserve is committed to donation to charity programs and also engaging in other social responsibility projects. The company is encouraging its customers and other willing people to contribute and help the needy in the Central Texas region.

The funds contributed during the campaign will benefit Capital Area Food Bank, which is an initiative of providing hunger relief that is supported by almost 300 partners in 21 counties in Central Texas. In 2010, the campaign raised over 25 million pounds while last year they managed to provide 31 million pounds of food to needy families. This year, the company targets to surpass last year’s performance and help more families across Central Texas. It would be the 30th year of the campaign since it was started. The link to Crowdrise page is
About U.S. Money Reserve

The company was formed by veterans in the precious metals industry who wanted to transform the market and offer quality customer service to the clients. Additionally, they aimed at offering expert guidance to those planning to invest in gold, silver or platinum. U.S. Money Reserve has guided many people to make the right decision while investing in precious metals. The company is one of the major distributors of coins issued by the government and boasts to have thousands of clients. Several customers have benefited financially through consultancy services offered by U.S. Money Reserve. The company has about 100 qualified and experienced pros who ensures that clients are guided accordingly depending on their needs.


Yeonmi Park and the rise of her activism in Asia

North Korea has one-pint sized woman enemy, Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park is a 21-year-old defector described as a human rights propaganda puppet. The country has denounced her because of the activism she has been carrying out.

Who is Yeonmi Park?

The 21-year-old rights activist and human rights crusader journey is long, having escaped to China and later settling in South Korea in the year 2009. In early childhood of Yeonmi Park, she faced problems after her father was jailed for smuggling during the 1990s economic problems. The family faced starvation, and they fled to China, where they fell in the hands of human traffickers.


Yeonmi Park rose to global fame in the year 2014, after giving a brilliant speech at the One Young World conference in Dublin City, concerning her escape and challenging life in North Korea.

Park, the book writer

Today, Yeonmi Park is known for her activisms and bold style addressing the corrupt leaders of North Korea. In her upcoming book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, she writes of all she underwent, her difficult childhood, life in different countries at a young age and her education.

Yeonmi Park narrates how she escaped from North Korea as a child and the price of her brevity. Raised in a close-knit family, Parks life was brutal in North Korea. She narrates how she spent several days hungry. While at a young age, she was made to understand the ills of the ruler, Kim Jong II. Her father was jailed for smuggling, and this is when their life started becoming a misery. At the age of 13 years, the mother decided to smuggle her across the border and into China.

In her tale, she says that their escape made her dream of freedom, yet she knew nothing of the term freedom, freedom from diseases, hunger and inhumane conditions in the prison camps. Besides, her journeys were to search for the sister who had crossed the border to China earlier.

Life in China

Park narrates her teenage life in China that took her childhood and to some extent, could have caused her life. Two years after escaping to China, they could not find their sister, and the sad news reached them that their father had died.

In her book, Park also shines to the word and the hard life in China and North Korea, which also faces the people until now. It is in this narration that she tells how at a younger age, she and her mother were sold as sex slaves before coming to freedom in South Korea. Today, Park has confronted the difficult childhood she endured, telling her experiences and relating it to other people. The book shows how she has confronted her past life and refusing to be defeated by circumstances.

Today, Park has become a leading human rights activist and spokesperson of the North Korean population, thus becoming an enemy of the ruling elite.