Andy Wirth: The Ironman CEO

As of September 2015, The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board appointed Andy Wirth as the new Chairman. He was appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention and will be chairing the board that has nine members. The Board was expressed faith that the new board would bring on board unique ideas that would play a very integral role in taking the airport up to a better level when matters related to better performance are concerned. Accepting the appointment, Wirth said that they would add very talented and experienced individuals who are willing to make sure that the airport enhances travel in the region.

Wirth has a lot of experience in matters related to managing resorts and has previously worked in conjunction with different airlines in a bid to bring on much regular and better flights for the resorts in Canada, Colorado, and Utah. When he was a board member, he played a very integral role in acting as a link between the Reno region and Lake Tahoe. Wirth said that he was humbled to represent the authority and also to serve in an area that is critical to the regional economy’s growth. He also said that improving air service is important to the overall tourism industry, to the business community and gaming and said that he was looking forward to attracting more flight activity to the region.

On his regular skydiving escapades a few months back, Andy was involved in a nearly fatal accident that made him come close to bleeding to death after making a rough landing in a vineyard. He considers himself lucky to have survived the accident and attributes windy conditions as the cause of the landing error. When his parachute opened, he became disoriented and missed his intended approach and found himself landing in a vineyard that had steel posts and wires that did a lot of damage to his right arm.

In Summer of 2010, he left Steamboat where he was working for more than 24 years and went ahead to accept a position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley USA. He had to endure more than 21 surgeries on his right arm by spending not less than 50 days in hospital. At the time he resumed work, the arm was recovering well and he had successfully resumed doing many of his normal activities including playing the guitar. During the accident, he had to look for very many ways to distract himself from the pain including singing one of his favorite songs.

James Dondero, Growing Wealth and Optimism

When you think about the stock market in general over time, you have nothing but confidence. You can read countless success stories and hear about the titans of industry who have continued to amass countless amounts of wealth over time. From textbooks to movies you have been able to see more and more people who have become millionaires and even billionaires over time because of the ability of compounding interest and investing with a top advisor in the field. Then something happened where markets starting crashing, big name individuals and corporations went belly up overnight, and significant wealth almost seemed to vanish in no time at all. It was as if the markets went completely bust and the entire stock market system was basically done.

The good news is that even in the stock market sytem was busted for a while, it truly is starting to make a comeback. People are not only finding significant amount of wealth in general, but they are finding their confidence again. One such company would be Highland Capital Management and under the direction of Jim Dondero they truly are making major strides in the entire financial sector.

James Dondero has created not just an organization or a great amount of wealth that people can be proud of; rather, he has created a system that allows his organization to thrive. People everywhere hear stories about great companies, countries, and organizations in general where it isn’t just about the pieces that all add up together, it is about the leadership up top that truly get everyone in line together. It may not seem like the biggest thing to some people, but when you truly have the ability to get all of your employees on the same page like James Dondero can do, you have a much better shot of being a successful organization.

James Dondero is able to do so well because while he is in the investments, wealth management, and financial services office, he also was raised with the idea that finances is a customer service industry. People aren’t just looking for money to be made and statistically correct portfolios with maximum return for minimum risk; they are looking for peace of mind and as much help as they can get. Many companies are able to provide customer service by definition, but it is because of James Dondero’s ability to truly influence his employees that Highland Capital Management has become an organization like NexBank that puts the “service” into customer service.

When you are thinking about who you can trust to watch your assets, you can’t ignore the success that Highland Capital Management has been having recently. Not only are they continuing to grow wealth and assets in general, but they are also growing optimism. As the markets continue to pick up steam there are more than enough places you could try to invest with. That being said, if you are truly looking for an organization that will have your back and will help you every step along the way, check out Highland Capital Management.

Slyce To Increase its Cut Of The Pie

Image recognition service provider Slyce, has chosen to stage its new line-up of visual search tools for retailers. Also coming off the shelf will be some in-beta phase services that Slyce hopes to launch worldwide in the near future. Video search platforms, though not a new technology, is experiencing a resurgence, especially since major retailers like Home Depot and Neiman Marcus have come on-board. Video search product software is able to identify and match, colors, shapes and sizes to identify products with visual input to more quickly bring a customer to a desired product, compared to keyword browsing.

Slyce has been a leader in engaging customers through its mobile based app, and allowing retailers to take advantage of “big data” analysis from photos, videos, pins, posts and tags all across the Internet. Some of the Slyce app features include; a universal scanner, which is able to recognize and process QR codes, bar codes and coupons to immediately find a similar or exact product online; the ability to snap a print coupon, convert it to a mobile optimized coupon, to be redeemed at the point-of-sale; and the ability to offer customers an alternative product for ‘out of stock’ merchandise.

Using their own sophisticated image recognition technology, Slyce is able to give an exact or close product match for every search. Retailers effectively take advantage of impulse buying when they add visual product search engines to their fashion, home decor and consumer product e-commerce websites. With their new product line-up, Slyce Inc., has positioned itself to continue to be a leader in the digital visual product search market.

Details behind the Success of Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere is the founder and President of the Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was raised in New York and has Russian origin. Doe uses the cosmetics to express self-freedom and not necessarily conceal imperfections. She believes that beauty is what makes one feel right at that moment. This motivated her in 2008 to develop her line of magical, colorful and cruelty- free makeups. The name Lime Crime was from her favorite color and the desire she had to come up with eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes that could be so bright and vivid and anyone wearing them could look as if they are doing an illegal act.

The company started out as a small firm but over the years, it has grown to a successful and profitable company. It has helped in developing the economy of the country by paying revenues and creating employments too many people. Doe encourages other women to be their boss by establishing their businesses. In her speeches, she likes talking about ways to start and she motivates entrepreneurs to work towards achieving their goals and objectives. She uses her Instagram account to reach to female entrepreneurs who she motivates and advises on ways to follow for them to succeed in businesses.

The days she spent sewing influenced her decision in starting her cosmetic company that she launched in 2008. Over the years, she has used the managerial skills to ensure her firm remains productive. Doe carries out daily meetings with the Creative Director to go through the projects and strategize procedures. She meets with her President, VP, and the COO to learn about the emerging issues and communicate the procedure to follow for them to achieve their goals. The many meetings unite the staffs to work together towards the same objective. The company has laboratories to develop new products and test the effects of the existing ones.

Doe is a great innovator who welcomes the ideas from various sources. When producing a new product, she will first examine them on her body to make sure they are fit for human use. She has moved her products online to meet the trend where many companies and customers are using the e-commerce for transactions. Online transactions have helped the company develop new products that meet the demand in different segments. Online shopping has helped Lime Crime Company to come up with innovative methods to market their products. It was among the first firms to sell their products online.

All staffs at Lime Crime on tumblr have knowledge of all brands and their ingredients. They know their clients and their needs making it easy for them to retain large market shares. The firm has a skilled customer care team who puts the interest of their customers first. She treats all vendors, partners, and employees with respect and love. She likes reading materials that guide her as an entrepreneur and a cosmetic expert. Doe has invested in hiring qualified staffs who will help her achieve her goals.

Why Kenneth Griffin Has Managed to Scale His Career Ladder Seamlessly

One of the things that have helped Ken Griffin to stand out among different professionals in his area of investment is his great attention to detail. He is one professional, who has maintained a culture of ensuring all his ventures are made with focus to ensuring he beats competition and different barriers that make it difficult to run a business. He is a dedicated professional and his effort has been noted in the way he has been able to manage more than one businesses. Due to his prowess and abilities, Kenneth Griffin has been invited to join different forums where he has managed to meet up with professionals from different locations on issues that have helped to eliminate business barriers.

Kenneth Griffin started to display interest on matters concerning business starting at a tender age. He has always been curious about different topics, something that has allowed him to stand out among his peers. This is what he has been striving to teach most people who have approached him for guidance on how to run a successful business. He is well informed and has been responsive to challenges that face his businesses. Although failure has been part of some of the investments he has made, Kenneth Griffin has not lost focus on what he set to achieve. Instead, he sees failure as a source of motivation, something that has allowed him to stand out among his peers.

After he completed his high school education, Kenneth Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he chose to pursue economics. This is a topic that was meant to offer insight on how to manage his businesses better and to have a better career as a professional. He was impressed by the great environment that the university offered to business students, something he took as an advantage for his advancement. Griffin founder of Citadel came up with different business models, which sought to offer a better approach to managing business. He then went through a motivating piece that was contained in the Forbes magazine offering details about how to manage a business while still pursuing college education. This made him believe it was possible to handle a business while he pursued his degree in the university.

Getting insight offered Kenneth Griffin a better position for him to launch a business. He came up with an idea to start a hedge fund. However, he was faced with a problem with funding the project, so he approached his friends for financial assistance, which came in form of shares to the company. This was enough amounts and he managed to launch the business. After a short while, his plans proved to work out, something that amazed his friends. Most started to seek for advice from him on how they could also start a business that can later stand out to take over the financial world. Kenneth Griffin later graduated and launched Citadel, which is a leading hedge fund provider globally. The company has ensured all the projects implemented are beneficial and this is what has kept them at the top.

The Handy Cleaning Company for All Types of Homes

When you need professional cleaning services done at home, it might be a good idea to consider hiring Handy. Handy is a great cleaning company that has worked with thousands of homeowners very much like yourself. It is never a good idea to try to squeeze in some house cleaning when and if you can get it done. This might leave your home looking sloppy and quickly cleaned without it being done very well. If these are problems you have in your own life and for your own home, Handy is a company you might want to consider for yourself.

Handy is a great company to choose for yourself just because of the fact that they have the experts backing them and working for their clients. The fact that Handy is also insured and licensed when it comes to cleaning homes of all sizes on makes them a prime option for those who might need it. There are a lot of reasons to consider hiring Handy, but the general purpose to hire such a company is to have a clean home that you do not have to take the time out of your own busy schedule to do on your own.

Cleaning a house is a pretty big project, even if you have a relatively small home that has been cleaned just recently. You might also own an office or a very large home and need a lot of extra help with keeping things looking their best. Once you decide that hiring a professional company is best for you, you then might want to think about hiring the pros at Handy. They are a great company to choose for when you need to get the home cleaned from top to bottom and really feel confident in the finished product once they leave.

You will also be able to hire Handy as you see fit. Many people are hiring Handy on a weekly basis to keep their home cleaned when they cannot do it on their own. Others might use the company to give one good clean to a house that they might be selling or have just purchased and need to give a deep clean to. The experts at Handy will also be using all of their own equipment and supplies, saving you lots of time and money on your own part once you choose to hire them for this purpose.

You will find that the experts of Handy Home Cleaning Services can help any type of homeowner. You will love leaving this job for the pros because it leaves you a lot more time to do other things in your life. You will no longer have to waste your time and days off cleaning the house from top to bottom because the expert company known as Handy can do it all for you. You will also not have to worry that your home is looking shabby when you did not have the time to give it a good clean by yourself.

The Sky is the Limit for Shaygan Kheradpir

People who accomplish great things typically have a drive and strong passion for what they do. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of those people who has risen up through the ranks and has proven to be one of today’s leaders of business and technology. His rise to the top has not been handed to him on a silver platter; he has had to work diligently to achieve and remains driven even today. Shaygan Kheradpir is known for his intelligent business decisions pertaining to cost analysis while maintaining a team approach with employees. His passion for the consumer is felt throughout the wake of his career as he is always advocating on their behalf.
Kheradpir relocated to the United States and pursued his education at Cornell University where he earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree in electrical engineering. This solid foundation helped pave the way into Kheradpir’s successful future. Kheradpir began working on network routing and then went on to becoming the chief information officer at GTE Corporation.
With the sky as his limit, Kheradpir became Verizon’s first chief information officer, which is a huge accomplishment. While working for Verizon, Kheradpir directed and worked alongside employees to create the most up to date technology while cutting back on budget. His leadership made way for the DVR and fiber optic video that has revolutionized the modality in which people enjoy entertainment. With smart business tactics, Kheradpir on was able to cut spending by securing production locations at the lowest price and installing new software to improve productivity.
Kheradpirs’ next adventures lead to Barclays where he was the chief operating officer. While holding this position, Kheradpir made his way to the top by making smart and business savvy moves. Kheradpir was promoted to chief operations and technology officer and was the first person with a background in technology to serve at this executive level.
An impeccable level of talent exists within Kheradpir as he is a solid negotiator, and notorious for being able to reduce overall spending. Kheradpir moved on to Juniper Networks where he negotiated for expense reduction and increased dividends.
Kheradpir was recently named CEO and Chairman of the Board for Coriant. His mission at Coriant is to facilitate exponential growth and creative customer based solutions. Since Kheradpir is known for his team-oriented approach, he will lead the industry in professional collaboration and will continue to pave the way for future leaders.
Working with others in a team setting is one of the many things Kheradpir excels in which has lead to his success on a global scale. His business ethics have pointed towards cutting cost of production while maintaining customer satisfaction. Kheradpir has a bright future ahead of him and the industry cannot wait to see what he achieves next.

The Hottest Shoe Trends of 2015

If your a man who enjoys looking nice, I’m sure you know that the shoes you wear can make or break your outfit. The shoes a person wears says alot about them, and since fall is just around the corner, now is the time to pick up a few new pairs of italian shoes. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s hottest styles and trends on

Penny Loafers are in this season. They are classic and sporty, but don’t go with standard black. Gray and jewel tones are popular this season, and they can add an extra touch of class to your look. You can also put away your go to black boots and swap them with leather Chelsea boots. These are great for a jeans and t shirt kind of day. If your more into sneakers when your feeling casual, opt for jewel tones like blue or green. High top sneakers in black out white are also in this season. If your looking for something a little more grown up, try a plimsoll. A plimsoll is a casual canvas or suede shoe with a thin rubber sole. Opt for something like gray suede for a comfortable yet classy look. It your looking for something a little more formal, try a derby. Derby’s that are smooth, simple, and polished are hot this season.

Now that we’ve discussed this year’s shoot trends, the next question is where to buy them. If your looking for luxury quality at discount prices, I know just the place. Paul evans is an online shoe company. It you’ve been dreaming of a pair of real Italian loafers, but don’t have the funds, this is the place for you. Their shoes are made in Naples, Italy by skilled artisans whose families have been making shoes for generations. They use the same kid skin leather used by the greatest luxury brands in the world. Part of the reason they can offer such fantastic deals is because there are no middle man markups. The company was started by two men from New York with a real passion for fine shoes. Check them out and happy shopping.