Health Misconceptions and Myths

Every person has them- habits that people think are healthy since they have heard them someplace on news or from their health-conscious friends. And however much they hate them, they only remain doing them since they think they are good for them.

For instance, is avoiding gluten really healthy? Or taking an everyday multivitamin-Is this a healthy routine or somehow nonsense? The answers to such questions may surprise someone.

Using standing desks
A new long-term research studying data on approximately 4,000 US adults discovered no benefit about overall danger of fatalities caused by standing compared to sitting.

In short-term, nevertheless, standing helps in burning more calories every minute; therefore if reducing weight is everything that people are worried about, then they should stand.

Using toilet seat liners
Viruses such as HIV plus herpes are delicate, implying that they do not survive so well when not inside a good, warm body of a human being. By the instance someone sits down on a seat of a public lavatory- no matter how recent it was used by another person- most dangerous pathogens probably would not be able to infect the person.

Additionally, a person’s skin works as an effective protection against every microbes. However, a possible infection can only happen if someone has a cut or even open wound, which could let the pathogens get into the body.

Avoiding gluten
Unless someone is among the 1% of Americans that writhe from celiac ailment, gluten likely will not have any negative effect on them. Amen to that.

Burger King Looking To Appeal To The Vegetarian Crowd

If you’re a big fan of Burger King, yet can’t indulge yourself because you don’t eat meat, you may soon be in luck.

According to a recent article posted on, the veggie burgers rolled out by Burger King in the India market have been so successful, that they’re looking to add vegetarian menu items to the menus in other markets.

This is not only great news for all of those people who don’t consume meat, it may also give some of you carnivores a chance to experience a new taste that you may come to actually like. Since the veggie burgers will be available at such a mainstream restaurant, there should be an increased amount of attention that could end up making some people veggie converts.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the veggie burgers and making my own decision concerning whether they’re just going to be a one-time indulgence, or if I’m going to make the burger a part of my weekly rotation.

Thanks to Brian Torchin for showing me this.

The Quarter Pounder Is Getting A Makeover

McDonald’s is desperately trying to find and fix what is wrong with their menu. Their latest attempt at improvement will be on their famous Quarter Pounder burger. It will become a bit bigger, from 4 oz to 4.25 oz pre-cooking weight, and come in a different shape. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that they are even adding grill marks. There are no grills at McDonald’s so we can assume that the marks will be added at the production factory. The burger has been on McDonald’s menu since 1972, there are currently four options but there will soon be just one, specifically the sandwich getting the makeover. Changing one sandwich on their menu is hardly going to make up for falling sales numbers but the great minds of McDonald’s seem to think that it will please at least some of their customers. The burger giant is still set to close 700 stores world-wide this year.

It’s Time to Stock Up on Olive Oil

On Wednesday, June 24, chefs and food lovers around the world
learned that olive oil prices will be increasing exponentially in their local grocery markets soon. The prices have already gone up in areas around the world where olive oil is primarily produced, including Italy and Spain.

The primary cause of the price changes is poor harvests that resulted in more than 25 percent less production over the past year says Ivan Ong. Last year, millions of trees were damaged or destroyed by a bacteria outbreak. Italy’s olive industry was also hit by too much rain and fruit flies, while Spain’s industry was hit by too much dry weather. Industry experts predict similar growth and harvest issues this year and claim that people living in these countries will actually have to import extra virgin olive oil for their own use.

If consumers want their favorite olive oil products at better pricing, now is the time to shop. Experts only warn that consumers take care when purchasing olive oil in the months to come once demand increases: Some companies that are not based in either Italy or Spain might begin promoting their olive oil as originating from these countries. Some might also claim to be selling pure extra virgin olive oil but instead sell a blended product that includes other types of olive oils or non-olive oils.

Healthy alternatives to olive oil include canola, coconut and palm oils.

Orange Country Fair’s Caviar Covered Twinkie

Every year it becomes a competition between people who like to invent things with food to try and outdo each other at the state fairs and festivals out there. Well this year it seems that one eatery called Charlie’s Chicken has gone above and beyond with their efforts and even invented probably the most expensive thing on the market. A caviar topped Twinkie is what was brought to the show and if you wanted to get one it would cost you about $125 just to get to have one. and Brad Reifler aggree this is just proof that people really do think of everything and it won’t be long before something even weirder that does not seem to pair will come along.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, this was a bizarre delicacy at the Orange County Fair. You just never know what will come out of one of these so it is great to just keep an open mind and allow things to happen as they should. It will be interesting to see what happens next year and it will be fun and exciting to see what else people will experiment with. You never know what will come out of a creation like this and I think if I had just had a spare $125 laying around I would try it, but unfortunately I don’t think I would pay that much for this.

The Importance Of Sleep

Everyone is aware of how they feel on a given night when they don’t get enough sleep. You can feel groggy, cranky, confused or just downright lousy. A constant lack of sleep can actually lead to a whole variety of health issues such as an increase in cardiovascular disease, an increased risk of cancer and a slow metabolism that can lead to obesity. It is recommended that everyone gets approximately seven hours of sleep each night in order to feel their best and also for the body to be able to function optimally. Ideally, a person should get to bed before midnight as much as possible. Any hours of sleep that occur before this hour are the best quality hours. This is when the body will repair itself and rejuvenate itself. Cells are repaired and the body resets.

As the years go on, more and more people are getting less and less sleep each night. This can be because of stress that keeps a person awake, too many things to do that prevents a person from getting to bed on time, children who keep their parents up at night and even addictions to cigarettes and alcohol that can affect sleep patterns and quality of sleep. Dr. Daniel Amen suggests that many studies have been done that explain the importance of sleep but people still are ignoring the results. Even people who get seven hours each day but sleep at off times because of working the night shift, can shave years off their life.

Trans – Fat War

Phasing out Trans fats in popular foods is what President Obama has decided to do Obamas administration is attempting to phase out the Trans fats in our old time favorites like pie crust, microwave popcorn and frosting over the next three years. Food companies were ordered by the FDA to begin removing the artificial Trans fats, saying they are unhealthy and a threat to the public’s health. Most people won’t even notice the difference, except in the number of fatal heart attacks as well has the number of people with heart disease. Removing the fats will prevent or reduce the chances of these fatal illnesses, especially since scientist say there isn’t any health benefits to them. Trans fats are commonly used in processed food and restaurants to help extend the life of the food also, to improve texture. Trans fat has been known to increase bad cholesterol levels and decrease the good levels which in turn increases heart disease risks. Partially hydrogenated oils are a combination of hydrogen and vegetable oil making a more solid substance. The report states that trans fats was “once a staple of the American diet” but, in reality this was not a staple per say because the majority of Americans had no clue that trans fats were present and surely did not go to the store looking to purchase specific foods with trans fats in them. A staple food in my opinion is rice, potatoes and foods like that, so I say bye Trans fats and good ridden!

Thanks to Ivan Ong for introducing me to this story.

Treat of the Summer

There’s a French bakery in New York City that the team at and Brian Reifler agree is producing the best chocolate chip cookie in the area. In addition to other top-quality ingredients, the cookies contain sea salt and macadamia nuts, almonds, and walnuts to give the cookie a nutty crunch like nothing else that can be found in the city. These cookies are known for their crispy outside and soft, crumbly center–in essence, the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

This summer, the bakers at Maman’s are taking their cookie to a whole new level as they turn it into an ice cream sandwich. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream will be sandwiched between two layers of the cookie that has had fans salivating for the last several years. There’s just one problem: this limited-edition summer treat will only be available on three days of the week, and only fifty of them will be made each day. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday might just be ice cream sandwich day in New York City this summer as the $7 treat’s popularity quickly increases. The perfect cookie surrounding ice cream that can’t be beat? It’s a treat that can’t be missed for New York City residents and anyone who happens to be in the area.

The ice cream sandwiches will be available starting at 2 pm on the days specified.

New York Offers Babu Ji’s Kulfi Ice Cream

The ice cream wars have been struck with a large variety.The newest player in the frozen treat war is the ultradense kulfi. This is a delicious classic Indian item that can be found in many grocers in Queens. This can also be found in restaurants such as Tamarind and Junoon. The latest version of pistachio and cardamom style is now being made at theBubu Ji. This has recently opened. This should be on your must-try summer list. Kulfi will cool anyone down this summer. This is an impressive treat that is made properly. The entire process will take up to one full day. The cooking begins with the milk base. According to PR Newswire, pistachio, cardamom, and honey are added. This takes approximately six hours in total. Usually this is made from fattier buffalo’s milk. Singh uses cow milk that does take a bit longer to cook in order to get the correct creaminess. This does need to be constantly stirred. The milk is then brought down to a room temperature. It is then frozen for approximately 12 hours. This is done in metal molds. This is the latest addition to the frozen treat options.

FDA Bans Tran-Fat from American Food

Partially Hydrogenated oils, better known as trans-fat, have been officially banned by the Food and Drug Administration who hopes the action will save millions from fatal heart attacks; as well as billions in health care spending.

Trans-fats have long been identified as a major contributor to coronary heart disease. However, the regulatory agency had mostly left the public at-large to their judgment while issuing recommendations that consumption be kept as low as possible. With this came a new labeling requirement which since 2006 has been effective at educating consumers. As a consequence trans-fats have become much less prolific.

This, however, did not stop the influx completely. Many foods depend on trans-fats to maintain a standard that consumers expect. Popular foods like pie crust and canned frosting require these lipids in order to maintain flavor, freshness and texture. Additionally, the FDA was still allowing companies to label their products as trans-fat free despite containing trace amounts. Ricardo Tosto reports that many states were already privy to the dangers of trans-fats and as such had already outlawed them from being served in restaurants.

In order to minimize the damage to food companies the FDA has laid out a three year grace period in which to develop new recipes and formulas. A waiver program has also been implemented that can be utilized by companies who have scientific evidence that the use of trans-fats in their food isn’t harmful to the human body.