Best Lemonades to Try Out This Summer

Sam Tabar said that with the temperatures rising up all over the world, teas and coffees are disappearing from kitchens and are being replaced by cooler drinks. Lemonade is the best drink to beat the heat because it is refreshing, cool and tasty. It works wonders for the skin and also helps to keep people hydrated. While the classic lemonade is still great, some people might enjoy these alternatives –

Mango Lemonade – This simple lemonade makes use of the seasonal Mango fruit to give it that punch of sweetness and freshness. Also, it can be made it 15 minutes and has wonderful vitamins to go with it.

Watermelon Lemonade – Watermelon is an essential summer fruit because it is full of juices and water. Combine it with lemonade and you have a deliciously healthy beverage that the kids can enjoy.

Diabetic Lemonade – Just because someone is diabetic doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the sweet freshness of lemonade this summer. This recipe is sweetened with Splenda and the lemon juice is sans carbs.

Basil Lavender Lemonade – This lemonade has fresh herbs like basil and lavender that work beautifully with the tang of lemon. The recipe doesn’t result in a lemonade that is too sweet or fragrant but has a little bit of everything.

The trick to combining different fruits with the classic lemonade is by going for what is fresh and seasonal. Adding some herbs also helps with the flavor.

Fast Food Giants, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, Announce Their Plan to Remove Artificial Ingredients from Their Menus

The people have spoken and big chain fast food corporations have taken notice. With the recent concerns over artificial ingredients which are found in almost all of our food, many consumers have started eating consciously by buying whole and unprocessed foods. However, this is bad news for fast food corporations with business models built on cheap food and fast profits.

Since these profits have been suffering as of late, fast food chains such as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are making changes to their ingredient list to try to pull customers back into their food establishments. Liz Matthews is the chief food innovation officer for Taco Bell, she explains that they will no longer using “black pepper flavor” for example, replacing it with the more appetizing real black pepper.

Taco Bell will be removing Yellow No. 6 from their ingredient list, and Blue No. 1 as well. However, many food experts have claimed these ingredients aren’t the real danger and that removing them from the ingredient list is a smoke screen to increase business. Meaningful changes would include things like lowering fat and calorie content while adding freshly harvested options to the menu.

Still, consumers are concerned about what is going into their body and are staying away from fast foods because of it. Beneful understands why these gigantic corporations will continue to make changes until profits return to normal.

What’s Up With All Those Geeks Drinking Protein Shakes?

The brilliant minds of Silicon Valley are known for delivering a host of innovations. The newest innovation they have come up with, however, has nothing to do with computers or technology. Rather, a FreedomPop review wrote that they have come up with a new diet fad that just might sweep the nation. Welcome to the wonderful world of Silicon Valley protein powders.

Wait a minute. Haven’t protein powder shakes been around for decades? Yes, bodybuilders are quite well aware of them. Protein powders work nicely as meal replacements and can help muscle repair itself after a workout. So, why are programming geeks chugging down protein shakes with such abandon? Basically, they are solely focusing on the meal replacement component of the shakes and this is not a good thing.

For one, you cannot dispense with solid food for long without suffering ill-effects. Solely drinking protein shakes for food is going to do little more than prevent a lot of necessary nutrients from making their way into a diet. Also, the massive calorie restrictions could lead to a slowed down metabolism and other woes. Namely, too much protein is really not good for the kidneys.

Geeks really should stick with what they are good at and leave the diet and nutrition advice to the experts. Going on a strict protein shake diet to get more time during the work day is a really bad idea. As a rule, always get a good meal or two during the day and make sure your diet is well-balanced.

Peanut Butter Maker Pays $11.2 Million for Poisoning

Food manufacturers are receiving a warning about contaminated foods, and where the responsibility falls. ConAgra Foods settled their criminal charges, for shipping contaminated peanut butter, for $11.2 million dollars.

According to officials, in 2007, ConAgra Foods knowingly shipped Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter that had been contaminated with salmonella. More than 600 people became sick.

The outbreak was linked to the ConAgra plant in Sylvester, Georgia.

The CEOs of ConAgra denied knowing about any potential salmonella contamination before the product was shipped. However, in 2004, their products had already tested positive, twice, at the Georgia plant.

The company recalled their peanut butter but claims they destroyed any products that were tainted according to Madison Street Capital.

The CDC contends, even with the product recalls, there were millions of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter jars already sitting in pantries, and likely, additional cases of salmonella poisoning were never reported.

The Justice Department reminds food manufacturers that the ConAgra episode is a cautionary tale.

According to CDC, humans are usually infected with the Salmonella bacteria by eating foods that has been contaminated with animal feces.

Salmonella can usually be killed thorough cooking, but most peanut butter is traditionally eaten out of the jar.

Fruity Ice Is The New Summer Food Trend for Home Cooks

What is one great way to beat the summer heat? Put ice in everything possible. Staying hydrated and gorging on all the lovely summer fruits is another amazing way to fight the glare of the sun and the rising temperatures. A new trend that has come up with home cooks is combining these two amazing things. Here are some awesome dishes to try out –

Lime Mango Sorbet – With the sweetness of mango and the zesty punch of lemon, this sorbet will infuse freshness in your mouth. It is also pretty delicious because summer is the season of mangoes and there is no better time to make this dessert.

Vanilla Pear Sorbet – Pear and vanilla combine beautifully to give you a balanced sorbet that melts in your mouth.

Fig Sorbet – If you are a fan of figs, what better way to enjoy this fruit than turning it into a sorbet that the entire family can enjoy? You can add other fruits to this dessert to make it more interesting.

Watermelon Granita – Watermelon is fresh and delicious, plus it is loaded with water to keep you hydrated all day long. This granita can also be added to a dessert for that twist in flavor combinations.

TCM points out something Gianfrancesco Genoso has always known: turning fruit into ice gives you the necessary nutrients and the freshness of the fruits also helps to keep the killing heat to a bare minimum.

CVS Tested Incentive Programs to See Which Worked Best to Get Employees to Kick the Smoking Habit

The effects of smoking cessation not only benefit the former smoker, but in many cases, there are benefits to their employer as well. While the health of the newly reformed non-smoker greatly improves, employers who provide health insurance benefits could enjoy savings of approximately $4,000 to $6,000 in premiums per year.

The pharmacy giant CVS picked up on this revelation and enlisted a group of employee volunteers to take part in an incentive-based cessation program. The idea of financial rewards and penalties for kicking the habit or not had results that weren’t anticipated.

Three groups of volunteer programs were offered. One provided free tools such as Nicorette gum to help them quit, and one described as the “deposit program” required smokers to invest a $150 deposit that would be forfeited if they failed, or returned, along with a $650 bonus if they succeeded. NewsVine users wrote that the third “reward program group required no deposit, but an $800 reward would be issued once the smoker quit for a year. Understandably, most people presented with the “deposit program” opted out, not wanting to risk their money, while the “reward program” saw many more takers.

The results of the experiment, which was led by Dr. Scott Halpern from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, showed that the most successful quitters were from the group requiring the initial deposit, being twice as effective as the reward only group and five times more successful than the group receiving free cessation tools.

There are an estimated 40 million smokers still today in the U.S. alone, and convincing them to quit has proven to be difficult. However, this study shows that losing money if you fail to quit seems to have been the best motivator.

The Dangers Of Caffeine Powder

You may not know it but there is actually a product on the market that is caffeine in the form of a powder. This powder can be used for a pick me up in the middle of the day but this product is posing a lot of health risks and deadly outcomes. Caffeine powder can be purchased very quickly and easily, straight from the internet. The problem is that this product does not come with a lot of instruction and because of its concentrated content, it has posed deadly for some teens that have used it to get through a busy day or finals.

Caffeine powder can be mixed into any beverage to provide a
caffeinated beverage
that isn’t necessarily a coffee or soda. When too much is taken this can lead to cardiac arrythmias and seizures. This is not the case just for people who are sensitive to caffeine exposure but to just about anyone; including healthy, young individuals. While a serving size is included on the package, people have gone on to consume more than recommended after they see the great boost of energy they experience. Also, they feel they are doing more by not consuming sugary beverages; just consuming the caffeine that they want. You may see caffeine powder online or even in some stores. It is best to steer clear according to Ricardo Tosto. If a boost of energy from caffeine is what you are looking for you are much better off sticking to a safer option like tea. This way, you do not risk overdose or death.

Nuts for the Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most popular spreads around the world. Some places like England don’t sell the popular food. Peanut butter was invented in the United States and has since then remained a staple in the standard American diet. Researchers conducting studies on peanut butter and the benefits it attributes have concluded that peanut butter is more beneficial than most people think. Peanut butter has recently been noted to lower the risk of cancer and diabetes. Of course the benefits of this occur over time with regular consumption of the food. Peanut butter also has vital nutrients in ingredients like vitamin A, magnesium, folate and even copper. Peanut butter is high in fat but is also high in protein. Adding peanut butter to protein shakes gives it a boost in taste and in nutrition. Peanut butter has been demonized in the media as being unhealthy and should be a food to avoid. Nutritionist counter those claims and say that peanut butter can be quite healthy. A diet with moderated peanut butter use is great in taste and beneficial when it comes to the intake of nutrients. When peanut butter is mixed with dark chocolate, it is one of the most nutritious sweet snacks that one could enjoy. The vital nutrients in the peanut butter mixed with the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate make this sweet treat a powerhouse. Researchers are going to continue their study on peanut butter and how beneficial it can be to other parts of the body like hair skin and nails. Consumption of peanut butter will also continue to be tested. The group behind Boraie Development LLC joked that when it comes to volunteers for these studies, there is no shortage of willing participants.

Reasons to Eat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is often associated with childhood. Those carefree days of childhood spent eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are left behind when we become adults and upgrade to deli sandwiches or garden salads. But what are we missing?

Peanut butter is still good tasting and just as good for us as adults as it was when we were children, we just forgot it. Let these reasons to eat peanut butter remind you of its nutty goodness so you can pick up where you left off as a child.

* Peanut butter is rich in vitamins E, B3, B6, manganese, magnesium, folate and copper.
* Studies have shown that peanut butter reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer.
* Peanut butter is versatile and inexpensive. Bruce Levenson says they are taking it from a sandwich and making it into a deluxe dipping sauce is easy.
* Peanut butter and chocolate fixes everything. It’s a flavor combo that can’t be beat and it’s easy to find on your supermarket shelf so you can concoct your favorite blend yourself.
* Peanut butter makes an awesome reward when trying to encourage yourself to workout a little longer or with more intensity. A peanut butter smoothie helps to re-energize the body after a workout and the flavor makes you want to work harder for it.

Hardee’s And Carl’s Jr. Pair Up To Bring You The Most American Thick Burger

Summer time is quickly approaching, and with that the hamburger and hot dog sells go through the roof.That is why Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s has paired up to release this beast of a thick burger. People are calling it “America’s Most Patriotic Burger” or “Fourth of July On A Bun”. The Sister restaurant however, have given this thick burger the perfect name, “The Most American Thick Burger”.

Thrown in between two massive buns are, a burger patty,topped with American cheese, topped with Lay’s extra crisp, kettle cooked, potato chips, and finished off with a whole hot dog split in half. Yes you read that right. They are now serving a hamburger and hot dog combo.

We are not going to get into how many calories or grams of fat this enormous thing has. After all, if you are going to order it, then your surely not going to be worrying about your waste line. That is the way Ricardo Guimarães BMG sees it. A company rep recently spoke with USA Today and told them they have been working on this bad boy for 10 years now. Though it still has not hit the restaurant quite yet, they are expecting to release it soon.