Healthy Snacks for the Day

Eating healthy doesn’t have to include a large salad or a plate of vegetables. There are some items that you can prepare that you can take with you that are healthy for you and your children. They make the ideal snack for school or for an after work treat. Combine a few kinds of nuts and cumin for a sweet trail mix. Add raisins and a few chocolate chips to increase the sweetness of the mix. Sam Tabar says that if you slice a few apples and put peanut butter on them to make a sandwich for a treat with protein. Peanut butter is ideal to use with almost anything as it doesn’t run when it’s on the food. Add it to a piece of celery or crackers for a crunchy snack. Make a tortilla wrap with slices of cheese and meats like turkey or ham. Sliced bananas with peanut butter and raisins are also a nice treat that has plenty of potassium and protein.

Organic Milk Hinders Brain Development of Unborn Baby

The trend to go organic in all food and beverage sources is a good idea under most circumstances. One such circumstance in which it’s not a good idea to go organic is if you are pregnant and decide to drink organic milk or milk which has been processed with ultra-high temperature (UHT milk).
The reason both types of these milk hinder the brain development of an unborn baby is due to lack of iodine. Organic milk and UHT milk contain one-third less iodine than conventional cow’s milk and iodine is essential for healthy brain development while an unborn baby is in the womb. Milk is the primary source of iodine in the diet of a pregnant woman. If the milk she is drinking contains less iodine, the brain of her unborn baby may not develop properly which worries conscientious onlookers such as Bruce Levenson . Previous studies have shown that babies born to women who did not get enough iodine during pregnancy had lower IQs than those born to women who received the recommended amount of iodine throughout their pregnancy.
Organic milk and UHT are not bad for a pregnant woman, both kinds provide nourishment and vitamins that are needed, the problem is the reduced amount of iodine. Neither type of milk contains enough, glass per glass, as traditional cow’s milk. In order to get enough iodine from organic or UHT milk, a pint and half would need to be drank instead of a pint of traditional cow’s milk.

Could You Give Up Eating Sugar?

Eating sugar is just a natural part of life to many of us Americans. Anastasia Date said that we grew up on sugary drinks and treats and have never really put any thought into how eating this way could affect our health. Or maybe we’ve just tried to ignore it because we just love cookies and soda and candy so much. I know that I personally could never give up these treats.

But, experts are now saying that exercising isn’t enough. It won’t help us because eating sugar is what is making us unhealthy. They think that even if you are exercising and getting in a good workout every day, but still eating your cake and pies, then you are not going to be in shape.

Do you agree with their opinion and believe it? Are you going to make a change in your life and your diet because of it? Or, is sugar too big a part of your life to give it up?

I know that I personally would never want to give up sugar completely, but maybe it is time that we all began to cut back on our consumption of it for our own health. It sure couldn’t hurt anything.

Microwave Ovens are not the Enemy of Food Nutrients

Microwaving food is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a warm meal. As long as you understand the proper way to cook food in a microwave, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks can all be prepared perfectly. The common concern many have about microwave cooking is whether or not helpful nutrients are going to end up destroyed. Anyone who has left something cook in the microwave, even for thirty extra seconds, probably grew skeptical of the nutritional value of microwaving.

Don’t 100% blame microwave ovens. If you overcook anything to the point you dry the food out to the point it hardens, you aren’t going to get much nutritional benefit (or taste) out of the food.

In general, microwaving meals does not exactly destroy all nutrients. Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 could suffer a bit of damage when “nuked” but other nutrients are left in tact. In some cases, the heat from the microwave could very well enhance the benefits of those nutrients. In a great surprise, the Harvard Health Letter pointed out microwaving should be considered a preferable method of cooking. Microwaving may very well preserve all the nutrients in food.

For those who are still concerned over preserving their nutrients, perhaps a bit of mixing and matching would offer the best solution. For example, Madison Street Capital magazine suggests that you could steam cook vegetables in the microwave and cook, say fish, in the oven. This way, you have less mess in the kitchen and do not have to remain overly concerned about eliminating nutrients.

Cuba And Their Lung Cancer Vaccine

Cuba has been sitting on a potentially breakthrough cancer treatment for some time now. Many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief as this lung cancer vaccine is going to be available to Americans in the near future. The Roswell Park Cancer Institute Of Buffalo, New York just signed an agreement that will bring the Cuban lung cancer vaccine to the area. The drug is called CimaVax and treats symptoms as well as prevents recurrence of lung cancer, according to Candace Johnson, who is the institute’s director.

Patients who have dealt with lung cancer have a very high risk of recurrence. It just is the nature of the disease experts like Bernardo Chua say.. The optimal patient to try out this vaccine is a person who perhaps had one or two nodules removed from their lung. In order to prevent a recurrence, the vaccine will be administered.

Trials will being in the United States with CimaVax as professionals seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Cuban scientists will also be visiting the Buffalo area to help test and research the vaccine as it is used on patients. This trip to Cuba was organized by the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the first United States governor to visit the Cuba area since a historic thaw was placed back in December by Barack and Obama and Raul Castro. Medical professionals have high hopes for this experimental vaccine.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Being Recalled

On Monday, Blue Bell Creameries made an announcement that they are recalling all their products due to a contamination of listeria.

Blue Bell Creameries are doing their best to take products off the shelves that may potentially be dangerous or deadly by voluntarily recalling their products in the 23 states that they are sold in. The outbreak of listeria has been linked to their plant in Oklahoma. Last month, three people in Kansas died and five more were sick this month from the same strain of listeria.

From here on out, Lambranho reports that Blue Bell creameries CEO, Paul Kruse, is assuring his customers that their products will be tested for safety before they are sold to the public. Kruse has also issued an apology to consumers and those that have been affected by the contamination.

Listeria is dangerous, especially for the vulnerable such as children, the elderly, or pregnant women. Check your ice cream supply and get rid of any Blue Bell products for your own safety. If you bring back any Blue Bell product to the place you purchased it, you will be issued a full refund for the product.

For more details on the recall, check out the full story on

Three Ways to Improve McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s has recently tried to make many improvements to their menu. The latest of these is a breakfast all day concept. However, many such as Grub Street and Ricardo Guimaraes (though he does admit that he is partial to the restaurant’s fries) are not fans. They don’t like the limited nature of the menu (so far it’s reported that the menu will be limited to three varieties of muffins and pancakes).

Here are 3 tips on how McDonald’s could improve their menu.

1) Reduce your menu items
McDonald’s has tried way too hard to be everything to everybody. This has caused a menu to be over bloated recently. Take the 20% most popular items and cut the fat. This will allow you to operate on the smaller margins the company needs to be successful by only selling what is successful.

2) Get more variations
Even though you need less items, more variation would make up for it. People love feeling like their sandwich was made just for them. Give customers a chance to have a hamburger or McChicken on a muffin or biscuit or follow Taco Bell and give them a chance to add a hash brown or french fries to a sandwich.

3)Forget the breakfast/lunch divide
Now that you’ve reduced your inventory and have a crossover in inventory, it is time to get rid of breakfast and lunch time. This will allow the person who gets up at noon and the person who wants a burger at 10 in the morning to both be satisfied and streamline the overall process.

Ben and Jerry’s Is At It Again!

This fall Ben and Jerry’s will be releasing a new product that is sure to have adults acquiring a new unique taste. The product being released is Salted Caramel Brown Ale. The alcohol volume of this new ale is 6.3 percent, giving the ale the ultimate kick. Not only do you get a delightful taste with this ale, but you will get the ultimate buzz of a lifetime. Dino says that the profits of Ben and Jerry’s ale will go to a non-profit organization called, “Protect Our Winters.” This organization helps mobilize winter sports with the climate changes that are happening around the world. The profits of the ale will help the organization pay for research and new gear for these winter sports. Not only has Ben and Jerry’s succeeded in producing a tasty new adult product, but they have decided to take from their profits to give to an organization that is truly in need of financial help.

Recent New York Restaurants Encounters

New York’s culinary scene is always changing. According to restaurant writer, Bill Addison, this makes it impossible to create a set definition of New York food. Yet he does identify some interesting restaurants which illustrate the diversity of cuisine that can be experienced in New York City.

The Mexican restaurant Cosme has been raved about by critics. The night that Addison went, however, the food was only fair, owing to an off-night, he speculates, although the dishes were nicely presented.

Gianfrancesco Genoso had told us that another established restaurant, Batard, is the venture between Drew Nieporent, John Winterman and Markus Glocker. The partners in this restaurant as well as its name have changed over the years, yet the quality of the food is high and includes an assortment of cheeses by Winterman and delicious schnitzel by Austrian Glocker.

Oda House, another restaurant Addison highlights, serves Georgian food. The former Soviet Republic of Georgia is located along the historical spice route and its cuisine reflects this as it includes many spices. One of the “centerpieces” at each dining table, though, was the not-so-spicy bread called Khachapuri. This is an oval shaped bread with tapered, nobbed ends. In the middle of the bread is a mixture of mozerella and feta cheeses, raw egg and a stick of butter. This was a favorite among Addison and his restaurant guests, and he predicts it will become a food popular in the US by 2020.

Tim Hortons Newest Doughnuts

For those who love a chocolate flavor that offers something a little extra special like Crystal Hunt, Tim Hortons has something great coming out soon. For those who love the chocolate and hazelnut flavor of Nutella, there is a doughnut coming out that will make mouths water. The newest doughnut coming out from Tim Hortons is something that is different and something that will be loved by many.

Tim Hortons offers a variety of great food options and they are soon going to add another choice to their menu, one that will most likely become a favorite of all who visit the restaurant. Time Hortons is going to be serving a Nutella doughnut soon. This doughnut will be full of all of the chocolate and hazelnut flavor that the spread contains, and it will be enjoyed by all of those individuals who love eating the spread on anything. This new doughnut is something that is bound to be popular.