Scientists: Fit Men in their 40’s Have Lower Risk of Cancer

Scientists in Texas have done a study showing that men in their late 40’s who are physically fit have a lower risk of lung cancer than those who aren’t. Also, fit middle-aged men who do get lung cancer have a better chance of surviving it than those who don’t.

This study confirms what has long been suspected: there is a definite link between staying fit and avoiding cancer. Similar studies with women have shown that women in good physical condition are at lower risk for breast cancer than those who are not, according to Marc Sparks.

To me, this is a very encouraging study. It makes me feel as if I have more control over my own health. By exercising, I can reduce the risk of cancer, and that makes me feel more in control over all. Of course, death gets us all eventually, but at least there is something we can do as individuals in the meantime to improve the length and quality of our lives.

Six Signs of Dehydration

By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already slightly dehydrated. Increasing thirst is not the only sign of dehydration, but the condition presents with at least six other signs that may be overlooked. If you think you or someone near you may be suffering from dehydration, look for these six unusual signs.

* Bad breath. Susan McGalla says that a person who is dehydrated can’t produce saliva. Salvia prevents odor-causing bacteria from over-growing in the mouth. Not enough saliva and the breath stinks.

* Fever and chills. It’s the body’s way of alerting you to a problem. Fever will further dehydrate the body and medical attention may be needed if a dehydrated person begins to run a fever and has chills.

* Muscles cramps. A dehydrated body is hot, both inside and out. Muscles begin to cramp because of the internal body heat. A change in the sodium and potassium level in a dehydrated body can also cause muscle cramps.

* Dry, flushed skin. Blood volume decreases when a person is dehydrated and that causes the skin to become dry and flushed.

* A terrible headache. The brain is cradled inside a sack of fluid to prevent it from banging into the inside of the skull every time we move. Dehydration takes away some of that fluid and causes the brain to push against the inside of the skull, causing a terrible headache.

* Craving for sweets. Without enough water, your body can’t release glycogen for energy production. The body responds by craving sweets that will provide it with an instant boost of energy.

Ban on Fast Food Restaurants in L.A. Increases Obesity Numbers

It has been over seven years since a new fast food restaurant has been allowed to open in South Los Angeles. All new burger-and-fries type joint have been banned from setting up shop since 2008. eMobile said that decision was made by the city council in an attempt to quietly persuade the citizens of South L.A. to make healthier meal choices.
The decision has backfired. Seven years later and the number of obese citizen living in the South Los Angeles area has risen. As matter of fact, the obesity rate has significantly risen in areas where new fast food restaurants have been forbidden to open.

The ban on fast food restaurants has also caused other potential employers from establishing non-food related businesses in the South Los Angeles area too. The ban hurt the citizens instead of helping them. The obesity rate increased from 65 percent to 73 percent over the last few years and no new jobs were created in the area.

It’s understandable that an area would want to limit the number of a certain fast food restaurant chain with its borders, but to ban them all has not accomplished the goal it was intended too. Councilman Bernard C. Parks states that banning new fast food restaurants was only part of the strategy to help South L.A’s citizens eat healthier. Another part of the plan, which has yet to materialize, was to bring supermarkets and farmer’s markets to the area to sell healthier food.

Clearing Alzheimers

Researchers in Australia have made a remarkable discovery. They have learned that they are able to utilize ultrasound technology to help Alzheimer’s patients regain their memory function, if their clinical trials in mice are able to be replicated in humans. Click Here The current thought as to the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is that it is brought about by two deficit causing conditions in the brain.

In layman’s terms, plaque blocks normal brain pathways, and the pathways themselves appear to be tangled. The key is to use the technology to open the blood-brain barrier that keeps bacteria from entering the brain, use the ultrasound technique to clear the plaque, and allow the barrier to go back into place within hours.In the Australian trials, 75 percent of mice were able to regain their memories as demonstrated in completing a few tasks, such as clearing a maze and remembering where not to go, when they were treated with the ultrasound technology that worked at clearing away the plaque build up in their brains.

The next step that researchers plan to undertake it to conduct their trials in higher-order animals. If Ray Lane says that goes well, the hope is that human trials could begin in 2017. Should the treatment be found to be successful in human beings, it could potentially help to restore the memories of an estimated 50 million people who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s across the world.

Rare Starbucks Drink Available For Just One Week

If you decide to not take your morning route to Starbucks this week you may be missing out. The company’s latest coffee is so rare they are only selling it for a single week. When Starbucks isn’t too busy attempting to solve the race relations problems of America, many employees of the shop are still roasting and selling coffee. In fact, they are roasting and selling a lot of it on a daily basis. Jason Halpern suggested that their newest blend of coffee is so rare that it will only be available for purchase in select stores for a mere week.

The “reserve” offering is naturally low-caf Laurina Varietal from the country of Nicaragua. The beverage is said to have a “softy lemony character”. The beans are said to have been roasted at an exquisite reserve roastery in Seattle, WA last Tuesday. They then shipped to 20 stores in the nations. Of the 20 Starbucks locations, only 3 of them are located outside of Seattle, with one being in Chicago, one in Williamsburg and one at Harvard. If spending $16 on a bag of the rare coffee sounds like something you would like to commence in then you may want to hurry before it is all gone.

Meatless Monday Has More Benefits Than You Think


Most Americans like Bruce Karatz incorporate meat into their daily meals as a source of protein and substance. There are actually a lot of benefits to going meat free at least once per week that span further than just saving you money. You can actually feel better and be healthier by skipping the heavy proteins every so often.

If you consume plant based foods and a lot less red meat you can actually increase your chances for living longer. You don’t need to take on a completely vegetarian diet but skip the meat once or twice a week and you’ll be doing yourself some good.

Set Yourself Up For A Good Week
If your start out your work week with a meatless meal you are setting yourself up to make healthy choices all week long. By Friday you might be skipping those fried appetizers at happy hour and you might opt for something healthier.

Heart Health
Cutting back on the amount of meat you eat can lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure which contributes to better heart health.

Meat of all kinds is very expensive and you can really raise your grocery bill with every meat purchase you make. You can get the same amount of protein from something like beans or quinoa for a much more affordable price.

Its much faster and easier to prepare a meat free meal because most other ingredients will not take as long to cook. Besides that, you won’t have to worry about contamination from uncooked meat.

A Coke A Day?

When thinking of healthy drink alternatives, Coke does not come to my mind. Coca-Cola obviously thinks differently since they are stating that it is a healthy snack in awareness of Heart Health Month.

With declining soft drink consumption, it seems that Coca-Cola is grasping at straws. As reports, the world is becoming more and more health-conscious, people are eating less fattening foods and also drinking less soda. Though it is true that moderation is the secret to success with trying to lose weight, stating that a sugar-laden soft drink is okay to drink cannot possibly be the answer. One would think that a glass of fresh juice would be a better alternative.

Even types of soft drinks with artificial sweeteners are under scrutiny as laboratory studies had shown adverse effects on mice. Regardless of an individual’s point of view on this matter, people need to make better choices when it comes to food and beverages to ensure a healthier life.

Tapping Into The Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been around for a very long time for a variety of uses but in the past ten to fifteen years olive oil has been playing a very important role in maintaining a health lifestyle and diet. Olive oil is a big component of the Mediterranean diet and studies have shown that this diet can help people live longer and healthier lives. Not only can olive oil be used for cooking purposes but it can also be used on the skin, hair and more. Some of the surprising benefits of olive oil include the following:

Heart Health
When you consume olive oil in moderation on a regular basis you are supporting your heart and your brain. Olive oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which helps with blood flow. Olive oil can also protect your heart against free radicals and stress.

Healing The Skin
When you apply olive oil to a burn or wounded skin, you can heal the area in a very short amount of time thanks to all of the vitamins and fatty acids that are in this product. Not to mention this is a very safe and healthy way to treat an issue topically rather than using a chemical based product.

Olive oil is actually a natural sunscreen. Dan Newlin said many reports are finding chemical sunscreens are causing a higher risk of cancer but olive oil has been being used by people as a sunscreen for many years with great success.

First Human Death from GMOs Confirmed by Doctors

A 31 year old Spanish man from Madrid has been found to have died from ingesting GMO tomatoes. Juan Pedro Ramos died in January from anaphylaxis after consuming tomatoes that had been modified with fish genes. This marks the first ever confirmed death from GMO produce.

Ramos had known allergies before the day he died. He was allergic to seafood and always carried epinephrine to avoid a potentially fatal allergic reaction. He had a BLT sandwich for lunch that contained tomatoes crossed with fish genes. The fish genes triggered an allergic reaction in Ramos that even the epinephrine could not cure.

It took many tests to determine the cause of the allergic reaction. At first, Ricardo Tosto says that doctors had concluded that there must have been a cross contamination. It was only after they looked closer at the tomatoes that they realized the fish genes implanted in them had caused the allergic reaction.

Spanish authorities have issued sweeping recalls for the GMO tomatoes. Over 7,000 tons of GMO tomatoes will be taken off store shelves for good. Authorities are also demanding more research be executed before the GMO tomatoes can return to market.

Get Moving!

Exercising on a regular basis is not only good for our bodies, but for our minds as well. Many people find themselves becoming bored with their exercise routine since they do the exact same type of exercise every day. This can lead to them stopping and we all know that what that means; muffin tops.

The key to not growing bored of exercise is to change up your routine. There are many different ways to get the daily allowance recommended when it comes to cardiovscular exercise. For example, work different muscle groups on different days of the week. You do not want to work only your upper or lower body. Switch things up every other day so you do not become bored.

Another great way to stay motivated and active is music. Music with a great beat makes us want to get up and dance. Dancing is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay fit. Whether Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that you like house music or love to salsa, music can make all the difference.

Finally, do not be afraid to change the type of exercise you are doing. Many times we go to the gym, but are simply just going through the motions. Talke a spinning class instead of walking on the treadmill or a kickboxing class instead of using the elliptical machine. Changing your routine is a great wy to stay interested and not end up a couch potato!