Bakery in Ferguson gets Financial Support

In Ferguson, Missouri, a woman by the name of Natalie Dubose, had a bakery called Natalie’s Cakes and More vandalized. The bakery was vandalized during the protests that have recently been occurring in Ferguson. The bakery needs repairs to fix the broken windows and replace the broken baking supplies. Kind strangers are helping the woman get back on her feet. A GoFundMe page has been opened benefiting the bakery owner. Over $250,000 have been raised by strangers, not just in the United States, but worldwide. The outpour of generosity of strangers has been amazing, especially because the goal was just $20,000.

Amid what is occurring in the town of Ferguson, it is great to hear stories like this. This certainly made Ray Lane pretty happy. It is wonderful knowing, we humans can still believe in humanity. Strangers all over the country are supporting this woman, who had a dream to have her bakery store. Now, with this donated money that dream will be achieved. This store was built with hope and dreams, that were shattered one day, but now that bakery will be improved. There are other stores that were affected during the protests that are not receiving the same type of support. While, this woman was fortunate enough to get support from strangers, it would be great if everyone got the same support. It takes the media to speak about it, to get attention to one person’s need.

Master Chef Junior The Cute New Show

Gordon Ramsey is known for his tough, say it like it is style. He has built a kitchen empire through reality television and most people watch for his yelling and his to the point attitude. Who would have thought this man would want to work on a show featuring children? According to several sources, Master Chef Junior is in its second season. It’s a reality show much like Ramsey’s other hits, but instead features kids between the ages of eight and thirteen. These kids are not only adorable but extremely talented.


After one elimination round, Ramsey makes the audiences hearts melt by giving the little boy a hug and telling him everything is going to be okay. This is something that really makes Stephen Williams wine want to really tune in as much as possible. He also enjoys working with kids because unlike adults they never make the same mistake twice. They listen to the Chef and take his words and move forward. Many times an adult contestant can’t handle the criticism. It’s an odd pairing, but Gordon Ramsey and children actually make a dynamic television show.

Yogurt: The Creamy Treat Can Keep Diabetes At Bay

A research study from Great Britain reveals that yogurt could help prevent type 2 diabetes. The likelihood of developing diabetes is reduced by a fourth, according to the study, which involved 3,500 individuals.

Other low-fat fermented milk products have the same effect on the body. Cottage cheese can also lower blood sugar and keep glucose levels balanced by supplying the body with adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium. This is something Bruce Levenson wants to utilize more in his diet. However, yogurt seems to be the most powerful in this group, and offers those who consumed it a 28 percent reduced risk of diabetes. People who eat yogurt instead of carb-rich snacks can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 47 percent.

It is best to consume yogurt that is low in sugar in order to get the full health benefits of the food. Yogurt can also be mixed with raw nuts and dried fruits to enhance the taste of the yogurt and add more fiber and vitamins to the snack.

New Version of Band Aid Proves Controversial

A number of celebrities and politicians have quickly turned against the charitable Band Aid 30 single, which features a rewritten version of Do They Know It’s Christmas in aid of Ebola victims on the African continent. A number of those who appear on the recording and those who chose not to be involved have claimed the lyrics of the single are inappropriate and do not reflect the reality of life on the African continent.

The single has sold over 312,000 copies in its first week on sale in the UK and was masterminded by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, who were responsible for the original version, The Daily Telegraph reports. Singer Emilie Sande, who features on the recording, has called for the lyrics to be rewritten to be more appropriate to the realities of life in Africa. Sande claims she and others recorded different lyrics that were not featured in the final version of the song.

Other celebrities have chosen to explain why they chose not to take part in the recording, according to Keith Mann, they include singer Lily Allen who stated she donated money after feeling there was a smugness to appearing on the latest version of the Christmas classic. Politicians and financial experts have chosen to condemn the song as it makes it appear Africa is a single country and not a continent filled with very different cultures and people, a feeling many have criticized the song for.

In Praise of Pears

Eating healthy is a vital component of overall good health. If you are eating too much processed foods, you are not going to feel great. If you        change your diet to be more balanced, you will notice that you have a bit more energy. Rick Ross, a major figure in the hip-hop industry along       with his friend Brad Reifler has embraced a healthier lifestyle that includes more naturally sweet fruits. His shout out to pears is evidence of his enthusiasm for the change. It is awesome to see a celebrity endorsement for something other than an expensive body fragrance, some extreme form of exercise, or anything else really crazy. It is too early to know if his shout out will influence more people to purchase and consume more pears, but people have grabbed onto the Rick Ross-Pear Connection in artwork and even autographed pears. To Mr. Ross, keep the positive attitude and lifestyle changes

Raw Sprouts Give Raw Deal

Is a few raw bean sprouts atop your salad worth your life? Two recent listeria deaths and three listeria illnesses have been directly linked to the people eating raw mung beans sprouts. Almost 20 people became ill after eating raw clover sprouts this past summer.
Sprouts require a specific environment in which to grow. They need warmth and moisture, both of which are conducive to the development and growth of food-born pathogens.
In the most recent raw sprout-related outbreak of illness, over 60 people along the east coast became ill with salmonella after enjoying a few raw bean sprouts with their meal. Meals they won’t soon forget. Salmonella develops 12 to 72 hours after consuming an infected food item (like raw bean sprouts) and causes fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea which will last between four and seven days. No one, including Rod Rohrich, wants to deal with that.  Most people who develop salmonella will recover without the aid of medical attention, but the young or elderly may require hospitalization to prevent dehydration from the diarrhea.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has repeatedly warned consumers not to eat raw sprouts, they risks far outweigh any perceived health benefits or the flavor profile. Bean sprouts can still be enjoyed, just cook them thoroughly the kill off any bacteria which may be lurking on the raw food product.

Culinary Carcinogens: Foods That Could Be Making You Sick

While you probably don’t consider this every day, there are several foods that you eat on a regular basis that could increase your risk of cancer. Many of these foods are considered healthy or harmless. It’s especially important that you know which foods to eliminate from your diet if you have a family history of cancer.

Microwave popcorn is high on the list. The inside of the popcorn bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. This chemical is also found in Teflon, and increases the risk of liver, kidney, pancreas and testicular cancers. Sergio Lins Andrade is now try to limit how much he eats because of this.

Fruits that are not organic can also increase cancer risk. The skins of the fruit are also contaminated with pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers that are not fit for human consumption. Oranges, strawberries and grapes are especially dangerous to consume in non-organic form. Atrazine is a weed killer and toxic chemical used to facilitate the growth of these fruits. The chemical has also been found in drinking water. Pregnant women who consumed water with atrazine tended to give birth to low-weight babies.

It is also advised to steer clear of canned tomatoes and foods that are packaged in BPA package containers. BPA or bisphenol-A, which can affect the way genes work in the brain and lead to cancer.

Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal Released

Spain and Portugal obviously have a wealth of delicious, but it can be hard to find just the right place. Michelin’s here to change that.

Michelin guides are an annually released book that provide reference to European Hotel and restaurants and are published by Michelin Company, France. In 1926, the guide began to give star ratings for fine dining hotels and restaurants.

There was initially a single star rating, and that system was what Christian Broda enjoyed the most. In 1931, two and three star ratings were introduced. In 1936, the norms for the starred rating were published. Single star rating was provided to a good restaurant in its category. Two star rating applies to best cooking. Hotels with Outstanding cuisine will get three star ratings.

Michelin Guides also added a feature of highlighting restaurants that offer good food at moderate prices, a feature known as Bib Gourmands.

These Guides’ covers are in red, and are published in many countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, and so on.

The list of star winners in Spain and Portugal Michelin Guide 2015 edition was announced on the 20th of November. This guide highlights eight restaurants with three stars, which is the same as last year, 21 with two stars including newly added 2 restaurants, 154 one star restaurants including newly added 21 restaurants and 229 Bib Gourmands. This is a small incremental increase from last year’s Michelin Guides.

Salmonella Outbreak: Certain Sprouts Contaminated in 10 States

Raw sprouts have been linked to a number of food poisoning cases. This is not the first time this has taken place.

According to the CDC, 63 people from 10 U.S. states on the East Coast complained of food poisoning after eating sprouts from a New York City bean supplier called Wonton Foods Inc. in Brooklyn. The company has agreed to stop production temporarily. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 78 percent of the people interviewed admitted eating foods that contained bean sprouts no more than a week before developing symptoms, and that has Jason Halpern feeling concerned.

Over the summer deaths and illnesses linked to listeria in mung bean sprouts was evident in the Midwestern region of the U.S. In the Western states, there were 19 instances of E.coli due to the consumption of raw sprouts.

Wonton Foods Inc. confirmed through a representative that they will stop making and selling food until the salmonella outbreak has ended. The representative declined to provide their name, and stated that the company had no further comment at this time.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

A cup of yogurt makes a quick and easy breakfast and the dairy product is low-calorie and packaged in such a way that a container of yogurt makes a perfect grab-and-go sanck. Since it’s a dairy product we also know it’s good for helping to build strong bones and the naturally low in calorie product is also good for our waistline. Yogurt is also good for reducing the risk of type II diabetes and lowering blood pressure.
Eating a daily serving of low fat yogurt can reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes by almost 20%. It is something Keith Mann will try to incorporate in his diet. The calcium, magnesium and fatty acids found in yogurt can be thanked for the reduction in possible diabetes development. The fact that yogurt contains probiotics and anitoxidants is a bonus health benefits that helps to prevent diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
Probiotics are micro-organisms that work hard in the body to promote health in a variety of ways, one of which is lowering blood pressure. These micro-organisms help control blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels and keep the enzymes and protein levels under control in the blood stream. All of which work together to naturally lower blood pressure.