15 Reasons Why People Exercise and Stay Fit

Fitness, fun and exercise come together for different reasons for every individual, so Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says this list was put together to see what others think about staying in shape. You will love it. Not everybody works out for the same reason, and here are 15 new perspectives on exercise that will cause you to pause and go Hmmmmmm.

1. Getting in touch with your hormones and endorphins will give you a new high and a sound sleep.
2. Physical, mental and spiritual qualities in a person are completely enhanced.
3. Discovering that you can make your body do incredible things.
4. Let’s you keep up with your three-year old.
5. Let’s you leave behind anxiety and stress.
6. I can be happy with the way I look – not fat, not skinny, just me.
7. Allows you to stretch your limits in every area of your life.
8. Teaches balance in your life.
9. Helps keep you stay emotionally stable – not freaking out over every little thing.
10. Fitness is a sign that you are improving all the time.
11. You feel good about yourself.
12. An unbeatable mind-body connection is developed.
13. Gaining control of chronic pain.
14. Sets your mind on goals in all areas of your life.
15. Fitness keeps you positive, flexible and building strength.

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