Ben and Jerry’s Is At It Again!

This fall Ben and Jerry’s will be releasing a new product that is sure to have adults acquiring a new unique taste. The product being released is Salted Caramel Brown Ale. The alcohol volume of this new ale is 6.3 percent, giving the ale the ultimate kick. Not only do you get a delightful taste with this ale, but you will get the ultimate buzz of a lifetime. Dino says that the profits of Ben and Jerry’s ale will go to a non-profit organization called, “Protect Our Winters.” This organization helps mobilize winter sports with the climate changes that are happening around the world. The profits of the ale will help the organization pay for research and new gear for these winter sports. Not only has Ben and Jerry’s succeeded in producing a tasty new adult product, but they have decided to take from their profits to give to an organization that is truly in need of financial help.

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Recent New York Restaurants Encounters

New York’s culinary scene is always changing. According to restaurant writer, Bill Addison, this makes it impossible to create a set definition of New York food. Yet he does identify some interesting restaurants which illustrate the diversity of cuisine that can be experienced in New York City.

The Mexican restaurant Cosme has been raved about by critics. The night that Addison went, however, the food was only fair, owing to an off-night, he speculates, although the dishes were nicely presented.

Gianfrancesco Genoso had told us that another established restaurant, Batard, is the venture between Drew Nieporent, John Winterman and Markus Glocker. The partners in this restaurant as well as its name have changed over the years, yet the quality of the food is high and includes an assortment of cheeses by Winterman and delicious schnitzel by Austrian Glocker.

Oda House, another restaurant Addison highlights, serves Georgian food. The former Soviet Republic of Georgia is located along the historical spice route and its cuisine reflects this as it includes many spices. One of the “centerpieces” at each dining table, though, was the not-so-spicy bread called Khachapuri. This is an oval shaped bread with tapered, nobbed ends. In the middle of the bread is a mixture of mozerella and feta cheeses, raw egg and a stick of butter. This was a favorite among Addison and his restaurant guests, and he predicts it will become a food popular in the US by 2020.

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Tim Hortons Newest Doughnuts

For those who love a chocolate flavor that offers something a little extra special like Crystal Hunt, Tim Hortons has something great coming out soon. For those who love the chocolate and hazelnut flavor of Nutella, there is a doughnut coming out that will make mouths water. The newest doughnut coming out from Tim Hortons is something that is different and something that will be loved by many.

Tim Hortons offers a variety of great food options and they are soon going to add another choice to their menu, one that will most likely become a favorite of all who visit the restaurant. Time Hortons is going to be serving a Nutella doughnut soon. This doughnut will be full of all of the chocolate and hazelnut flavor that the spread contains, and it will be enjoyed by all of those individuals who love eating the spread on anything. This new doughnut is something that is bound to be popular.

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Diet Soda May Be The Culprit in Weight Gain

The non-profit, consumer advocacy group, U.S. Right to Know, is urging that the word, diet, be removed from diet soda products, contending that the terminology is “deceptive, false and misleading”. The advocacy group cites contemporary research that suggests that diet soda may promote weight gain in individuals instead assisting in weight loss. Gary Ruskin, co-founder and executive director of U.S. Right to Know, is insisting on a broad, encompassing investigation of how organizations are utilizing the word diet in conjunction with the artificial sweeteners in their products.

Ruskin contends that the word, diet, is in violation of laws regarding product branding, labeling requirements, and false advertising. He believes that individuals like Sergio Cortes are under the assumption that such products are assisting them lose weight. when in actuality they are putting on weight. It is widely believed that the weight gain, is attributed to a break in the link that is associated with sweet taste, and caloric ramifications that engages individuals to overeat.

To the contrary, the American Beverage Association states that prior investigation, and research with human trials, substantiate the fact that diet soda, and other beverages designated as diet, are an instrumental element in an individual’s weight management program. They further cite the many studies that have proven the advantages of drinking diet beverages, along with the use of artificial sweeteners, in regulating with caloric intake.

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Sick From Ice Cream

It seems like there are several cases recently that invovle some kind of bacteria in foods. One of the latest involves Blue Bell ice cream and a link to listeria. Susan McGalla said the company has decided to recall some of its flavors of ice cream. There were a few people in Kansas who got sick after eating Blue Bell products, and there were three in Texas who got sick from what appears to be the same strain of listeria.

The strain has been seen in the small cups that the company produces, but it makes you wonder just how many cartons or ice cream bars are floating around in stores that contain listeria. When a company this big has issues with a bacteria that kills people just because they enjoy a treat, it doesn’t make you feel much better about smaller companies that might not have the top of the line resources to keep out bacteria. The Blue Bell company is trying to make things right, but it might be a little too much too late.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Long Awaited New York City Restaurant

Anthony Bourdain, the host of Parts Unknown and No Reservations, will open Bourdain Market, a food hall, with Stephen Werther, an entrepreneur and friend. The scheduled grand opening will be later this year, as both the location of the restaurant and the specific opening date are shrouded in mystery as of now.

According to Ivan Ong He’s looking. “…for good Singapore hawkers to whip up chicken rice and laksa at his street hall in New York City.” The inspiration for his new venture will be the Singapore restaurants he visited in his many travels around the world.

The restaurant will take the basic design from, among other things, the movie Blade runner, and the back alleys featured in Tokyo. Therefore it will have an eclectic mix of both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition the restaurant will showcase food from a variety of countries by various vendors.

It will also have a Farmers’ Market section, with an oyster bar, an old fashioned butcher store, a fruit and vegetable stand, a tapas bar, and a pastry shop. Bourdain promises the food sites will be featuring original food, an experience that diners will have never experienced before.

In addition, the food will be of the highest quality, as Bourdain will hire vendors from across the world that will meet his high standards. The originality of the free-standing food stalls, a farmers’ market, and food that’s second to none has New Yorkers excited over this new upcoming eating establishment.

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How To Tell The Good Chocolate Apart

Making the difference between good or bad chocolate is easy, many people would say- you simply use you sense of taste. The experts in the domain say that they do more than that. They all agree over the fact that in order to get the right taste of a chocolate you simply have to let it melt, instead of chewing and swallowing.

If it is prepared correctly, felt it should melt easily and reveal different flavors until completely melted. The taste that is left after a bar of chocolate might differ greatly from what it was at the first bite. The quality chocolate manufacturers take into account all the flavors and try to get the right tastes for each. They point out that analyzing the same kind of chocolate at different moments of the day will differ, because our senses slightly change becoming more acute or less receptive at different times.

AnnMarie Kostyk, who takes care of a blog dedicated to chocolate, says that in order to assess the quality of a product you don’t need much of it; a 3 cm square is enough. Judith Lewis, blogger at MostlyAboutChocolate concludes that the most important is to enjoy the taste. Regardless the brand and the quality claimed on the package, following the above mentioned steps will leave you with the true impression.

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Cocktails for Spring

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to break out those refreshing spring cocktail recipes. If you love a good mimosa, try this delicious version. Prepare the drink with fresh squeezed orange juice, sparkling wine and a sprig of fresh thyme. More fruity drinks include strawberry basil margaritas, a watermelon cucumber refresher, the hurricane and the El Diablo, made with tequila blanco, creme de cassis, frozen limeade concentrate, water and ginger beer. Try something a bit different by mixing mango puree, pickle juice and rum. Or give a sparkling strawberry cocktail a try. Simply blend together fresh strawberries, orange juice and water, then mix in some dry sparkling wine and slice orange.


The rosy raspberry spritzer contains rose wine, seltzer, sugar, raspberries and sugar. Another light, refreshing drink is the cucumber ginger fizz, which is made with vodka, lime, cucumber, sparkling water and ginger syrup. No matter which cocktail recipe you decide to try, it’s going to taste great as you sip it while sitting outside and soaking up the sun. Bernardo Chua certainly likes to mix it up from time to time.

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Are You Consuming Too Little or Too Much Salt?

Along with cholesterol and fats, salt has been demonized for decades, but really, how bad is it?

Scientists are questioning “low sodium” and “low salt,” and say the typical American diet that includes the consumption of salt is without risk. In fact, according to a published report, the government-recommended low levels of salt could potentially be harmful to your health.

Doctors have told us if you eat too much salt, the body retains more water to reduce sodium concentration, leading to an increased blood volume, which makes your heart work harder to move blood through your body, and thus your blood pressure rises. So if we eat too much salt we are endangering our cardiovascular health. Everyone agrees on this point but how much is too much?

Salt is one of those dogmas, incomplete deduction-based chemical and metabolic studies, and simplifications for which the evidence has been weak according to Susan McGalla.

Dietary Guidelines

Sodium occurs naturally in food. Most people do not need to add much salt to the diet in order to receive an adequate daily supply.

The American Heart Association says the average American consumes 3,436 milligrams of sodium a day, more than double the recommended amount.

The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans in 2010 recommended a sodium intake of less than 1,500 milligrams a day for the general population. This is below the recommended 2,300 milligrams in 2005.

Skeptics say Americans can handle as much as 6,000 milligrams per day without risking health, and that lowering salt intake can hamper your health.

One thing is for sure – no one agrees on the numbers and salt remains the black sheep of the dietary family.

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Use Food to Cure Health Problems

It’s not news to anyone that as a whole, our world is made up of increasingly sicker people. And that is a direct result of another thing which has happened: our world is made up of increasingly heavier people. So it stands to reason if food got us into this health crisis, food can get us out of it.

Decades of high-fat, low-nutrition fast food has caused our waist lines to expand. Combine that with the convenience of drive-thru windows which added to our already sedentary lifestyles and we can easily see how we got into the shape we’re in. Food is now being used to cure health problems and prevent others from developing.

Susan McGalla told us that heart disease, diabetes and obesity can be prevented or reversed by eating the right foods and eliminating the wrong foods. The vast majority of doctor office visits could also be prevented if the right foods were being eaten on a regular basis.

All nutrition experts will have their own version of what is the right foods to eat or what is the best diet plant to follow, but no one is more of an expert about the way food makes you feel than you. The best advice being offered as a means to use food to cure health problems is to try different eating style for two weeks, then assess how you feel.

Commit to a vegetarian, vegan, Ayuvedic, Mediterranean, macrobiotic, etc., eating plan for two weeks, you’ll find the one that is best for you and your health.

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