Wirth To Run In Support of Navy SEAL Foundation In Lake Tahoe Triathlon


The Navy SEALs are one of the most skilled and accomplished military units not only in this country but in the entire world. This September they will get a much deserved assist from one of Squaw Valley’s business and community leaders when the Lake Tahoe Ironman Triathlon comes to town.

For the second year in a row, Andy Wirth will be leading team Special Warfare Warriors in the triathlon. Wirth will be performing the final leg of the event, a marathon run. Wirth and his team are competing to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Foundation provides immediate and ongoing assistance as needed to Navy Seals and their families.

Wirth has developed a special bond with the Navy Seals over the past two years. While rehabilitating injuries sustained in October 2013 due to a near fatal skydiving accident, Wirth met a group of SEALs in Squaw Valley. The SEALs were in the region as part of their winter mountain combat training. Wirth credits their advice and attitude as helping his recovery along.

Wirth is a booster for the Lake Tahoe area and had lobbied Ironman to hold a triathlon race in the area. When Ironman agreed to do so in 2014, its CEO told Wirth now that he had his race, he expected him to be in it. Even though he was less than a year removed from his injury, Wirth assembled a team consisting of himself, a college friend who is a competitive cyclist, and another friend from the Navy SEALs who will performing the swimming leg of the race.

Wirth is continuing his recovery and will be running with an arm brace. His recovery is continuing and in the future he hopes to compete in all three legs of the triathlon.

If you would like to support the Navy SEAL Foundation, Wirth has set up a fundraising page through Crowdrise. The page can be found by clicking here.

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Spinal Surgery For Everyone

There are times when your back may hurt, but for those that know chronic back pain, you know how hard it is to find a treatment. That’s where spinal surgery comes in.

What is Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgery is a way to help increase your movement so you can not be in as much pain. It also can help you by adding a bar to your spine that will help to support the weight of your body and decrease pain. North American Spine is a great place to start. They have state of the art machines that can help you to feel better without being so invasive. They can help by making things less painful through exercises and other ways to get the spine working better.

Why Spinal Surgery?

North American Spine can give you a lot of reasons to look into spine surgery and what it can do for those suffering back pain. They can give you the options you need in order to feel better and to live better. No one knows how back pain can limit your life more than North American Spine. PR Newswire implied that they work hard so you can see relief from the pain that has plagued you for any amount of time. Even if you have been suffering for years.

When Should You Get Surgery

There are a lot of times a surgery like this is going to be good for you. If you have recently had an accident that requires this surgery, you may find you are getting it right away. If you have had the injury for a long time, you can still do the surgery. It may be harder if the injury is a lifelong one or is damaged. The surgeon will need to go through all the scar tissue to see what it under it and to get the best result.

How Spine Surgery Works?

A spine surgery can be a long ordeal of getting your spine put back together through surgeries. It may only take one surgery or it may take some more work. This is where the extent of your injury is. If it’s really bad, then there will be more than one surgery. Your spine clinic will be able to tell you more about what to expect with your injury and how long it will take to fix.

There are a lot of things to think about when considering spinal surgery. One of the largest is the extent of the injury and what you want to do about it. If you are okay with the pain the injury causes, then you may not want to go this route yet. If you are in a lot of pain and want it to be done with, then a surgery might be your only option.

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Brian Torchin’s Recruitment Center Goes Global

Dr. Brian Torchin is a doctor and a chiropractic healthcare recruiter. He currently heads HCRC Staffing, which is one of the largest such recruitment centers in the United States. Dr. Torchin gained his vast amount of experience after working for many hospitals in an administrative capacity.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Torchin found that finding a job in the medical industry was much harder than he thought. As he learned, “Jobs don’t just fall into your lap.” After his frustration and some other colleagues who had the same experience sometimes with finding satisfying jobs, he opened Health Care Recruitment Counselors. After starting in Pennsylvania, Dr. Torchin has branched out with offices in all 50 states, as well as Canada, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Torchin says his services provide the opportunity for potential clients to meet with hospitals. According to Dr. Torchin, all medical providers don’t list employment ads publicly. His service bridges that gap and helps both parties make direct connections.

Dr. Torchin was able to network through years of working as a chiropractor. Dr. Torchin has a fully-trained staff who works with him. They perform background checks, consulting and even offer other professionals to help the client be at their best when they submit an application to a potential employer. Dr. Torchin also gives advice on how to find the best employer. All jobs come with a precautions. He always lets his clients know that not all jobs are good jobs. There are always a small number of employers that don’t live up to expectations.

Many hospitals, clinics and offices commend Dr. Torchin and his staff for their professionalism and ethics. He is considered one of the number one recruiters in the nation for a reason. “One of the biggest challenges a workplace can have is finding staff members immediately when needed,” according to Dr. James Roman. He points out that Dr. Torchin often finds staff the same day if needed.

Dr. Torchin is committed to providing the best service possible for all of his potential clients. Individuals searching for a job in the medical field should call his office and get registered.

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In the Mold of Mcgalla

I have a very particular skill set, but this is not a movie line. I am a consultant that specializes in giving insight on trends affecting urban culture. I do this because of my ethnicity, but also because I am a professional that adds eminent value to the companies and entities for which I consult. I earn their business with results. They require my services because they plan to target those particular designations because in many cases, popular culture follows the very real street trends that organically begin in these areas all over the country. Therefore, this information is also used to target popular culture with trends that have been at least proven at this level.

I am fluent at the street level in all major urban areas of the country. Internationally, I am proficient in the scenes in Paris, London, Johannesburg and the emerging island scenes. The information that I provide can direct the actions of companies in large ways. However, the most important benefit of the service that I provide is that these companies do not have to waste time researching, designing, manufacturing and attempting to sell products that have no chance of becoming popular. The items that do make it to the shelves are not always successful, but with my services, they are many times more successful than the blind method of approaching and exploiting popular culture trends.

I was a very popular street artist before being recruited into this profession by a talent management professional. I really marveled at the ways that they performed their jobs. She is sort of like me in that she has to recognize the popular talent before other people do. Additionally, she has to assess the value of the prospect with respect to adding value to the team. After she has made this assessment, she has to acquire the recruit. She utilizes that assessed value in this endeavor. By doing this, she pays the amount that acquires the prospect, but without overpaying. This alone is invaluable to companies looking to hire proficient retainable people. It is a very well-known fact that these large successful companies could not function correctly without proficient talent management.

Indeed, some companies have dedicated departments that are devoted to talent management, but a large part of the sector also outsources these endeavors like the company that recruited me. She was of the Susan Mcgalla model. By this, I mean that she is a born leader like Mcgalla who is one of the most capable talent managers in the business and a woman at that. She saw the value of my talents and immediately sought to make me a part of the team, and just like someone with the mettle of Susan Mcgalla, she utilized many tools to make sure that I would be able to perform on that level as if she did not know me. However, I am glad she did because I am living a dream considering my roots. Talent mangers like Mcgalla wield a lot of power in the business world.

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Purina Cares About Pets And Their Health

Purina is a dog food company that doesn’t just care about the money that they can make from selling the food to pet owners, but that also cares about the pets, themselves. They try to make their products with the best ingredients so that the dogs that eat them can be healthy, and they try to show their love for animals in every way possible. The Purina newscenter has featured an Olympic style event for dogs, which will be held in Boston.

The event that Purina has made happen will allow dogs of all kinds to show off the special talents that they have. Purina is showing just how much they love the animals that they make food for by doing this for them. They are showing that they are a company that cares about pets. They are showing that people can trust them in the dog food that they make, because they are a company that will always try their hardest to make sure that dogs stay as healthy as possible.

There are many dog food companies out there, but not all of them care about pets the same as Purina does. There are too many companies who are just in it for the money and nothing else. But, thankfully, Purina is not like that. Purina cares about the pets that they are making their dog food for, and they have proven that many times through the various activities, ads, and other things that they have done. They are a brand that is worthy of any pet owner’s trust. They are one that cares about the quality of the food that they make, and one that wants pets to be healthy and well taken care of. And, they want them to be able to have some fun, as well, as evidenced by the event that they are putting on in Boston.

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Brad Reifler: Unparalleled Investment Innovation

Without a doubt, the financial professionals who achieve the highest levels of success in their profession use not only the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years, but also high levels of innovation. Whether that involves developing strategies for sales teams to use with clients or conducting research on world financial markets, it’s clear innovation goes a long way in achieving financial success. In today’s world of financial professionals, no one uses innovation better than Brad Reifler.

Having founded numerous financial services companies involving hedge fund management and other areas of financial services, Brad has proven that innovation and a willingness to try new ideas can take a company to the top and keep it there for many years. As the founder of Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s, it was there that Brad realized it would take a willingness to listen to new ideas and try new concepts in order to make his company successful. By becoming an expert in research, global derivatives and discretionary accounts, he made the company into one that was sought after by many larger companies with hopes of merging. Finally in 2000, Brad sold Reifler Trading Company to Refco, Inc., the world’s largest futures company.

Reuters postulates that in his role as CEO with his current company Forefront Capital, Brad has continued to use innovation as a way to keep his company ahead of the competition. Using innovative thinking to create a very differentiated product offering to clients, Brad works with some of the top investment bankers and business leaders the world over. Whether speaking with an economist with a worldwide reputation or consulting with board members from successful Fortune 500 companies, Brad has made it his mission to incorporate many different ideas into his companies in order to achieve unparalleled success for everyone involved.

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Donald Trump Loves Latinos

The truth is finally out, Donald Trump loves Latinos. Well, that is what he claimed in his speech on the border this week as he visited Laredo to address concerns about the border. Trump is not one to hold anything back, and he made it clear about everything that he has said about illegal Mexicans over the past few weeks.

He began by saying that there is a serious problem here at the border, where illegals are simply walking into the country in alarming numbers. He noted that those illegals that rape, kill, and sell drugs, are the ones he is targeting, and the way to stop them is by tightening up the borders. Trump says that he has thousands of Latinos working for him, that he thinks they are hard working, friendly, and would love the opportunity to become legal citizens. James Dondero agrees on Trumps statements.

Trump again stated that those who come here from Mexico to do harm will not stop until something drastic is done. Trump said the politicians in the White House are making it a challenge for border patrol to get the job done. The town requested Trump come and speak, then they are told by the politicians to keep quiet and now will not talk to Trump. Trump feels that he is the man to do the job, and that if anyone thinks for a second Hillary Clinton will make a change, they are mistaken. He reminded the crowd she has been the worst Secretary of State in history.

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What Should Dog Food Companies Do to Draw Attention?

When a company is looking to sell dog food, food that will go to pets and not to humans, they need to draw attention to their company. Once a pet owner is loyal to a certain brand of pet food, they will buy that food again and again, so it is important that a dog food company attracts attention to start with, and then uses that attention to their own benefit. A pet food company needs to attract attention if they are going to sell their product, and they need that attention to come from humans.

Beneful seems to know just what they need to do in order to attract the kind of attention that will help them succeed. When it comes to dog food brands, it is important that the company knows just how to create advertisements that are special and that will go viral. Beneful seems to have that down. In order to attract attention, a dog food brand needs to create great advertising content, and that is just what Beneful does on a regular basis. The Beneful brand knows how to garner the attention that it needs.

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Palatial By Some Standards

The epitome of a location dreamland, the New York City real estate is hot, even by hell’s standards! Finding an apartment in this architectural kaleidoscope of old-meets-new, there are many factors to consider, and just as many options. The fact remains, however, there is no time for ambivalence and lollygagging. Apartments sell and lease in seconds, over the phone, online and the very antiquated in-person. The hardest thing about finding a place in such a super hot market is finding a firm that can show you some of the best this city has to offer. Much is missed by choosing the wrong real estate firm, and this is sadly not fully realized until it is too late.

There are a host of other considerations for those looking to buy or lease in this wildly competitive market. It is far too much for those unaware of the nuances of the absolute plethora of neighborhoods in New York to handle on their own. The most important things is to adjust your expectations on what kind of space you are going to get for your money. One million dollars may get you 10,000 square feet in a Houston suburb, but you are lucky it will get you 1,000 square feet in Manhattan. A few thousand dollars a month might get you a studio for lease in a doorman building, or if you want to forego the doorman, you might be able to get a one bedroom in a decent neighborhood. Residents of micro-apartments might find the space one can get in Manhattan palatial, but they are about the only ones! Real estate agents can help you find what you need.

One of New York’s premiere real estate firms, TOWN Real Estate has a talented staff of seasoned agents, each with several years experience. Focusing on sales, leasing and marketing, they continually work to redefine standards in this very competitive industry. In a city where the fires of this market are made hotter by constant turnover, finding talented professionals who can cleverly capitalize on such factors, and find esoteric options for discerning clients, is what separates them from the rest. In this city where demand completely dwarfs supply many times over, it is senseless to work with an agent who does not have much experience. Finding a firm that can help is absolutely imperative.

Agents become a sort of city tour guide. You need to know how to get around, where the gyms are, what the neighborhood is like at night, how far from the express subway lines is it, and a host of other considerations they can acquaint you with. Agents can help you focus on what is important, and also draw your attention to where compromise is going to be necessary. When handled correctly, word-of-mouth advertising and comeback business are the natural byproducts, so agents work hard to meet clients needs. Seek out some help, which will ultimately serve to help you set out to make living in New York the greatest experience of your life.

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Organo Gold Changes How We Stay Healthy With Coffee

The healthy lifestyle most people n ow wish to live can be difficult to achieve with so many reasons to live in an unhealthy way or to make an unhealthy food or drink choice. The Organo Gold brand is hoping to change the way everybody thinks about their food and drink choices by beginning with the early morning cup of coffee and then helping us make the best lifestyle choices available. Organo Gold has reached such a highly regarded nature in its native Philippines that the company was rewarded in 2014 with a series of awards from a government agency designed to show the high level of success this direct selling phenomenon has achieved.

Organo Gold hopes to inspire change in the lifestyles of everybody through the use of healthy ingredients in some of the everyday food and drinks we choose on a daily basis. The move to a healthier lifestyle begins for Organo Gold users with the choice of Organo Gold gourmet coffee to start each and every day. The coffee is infused with the Ganoderma herb, which is created from a specific form of mushroom grown on tress through the tropical areas of the world. This herb has a 4,000 year old history in Chines and Asian medicine, which it has been used in to help lower cholesterol, reverse liver problems and for its antioxidant qualities.

CEO Bernardo Chua says that this innovative gourmet coffee blend is used to inspire the individual to feel better and healthier from their very first sip of coffee each morning and to make even more good choices with this direct selling lifestyle brand. The brand takes an innovative approach to its sales opportunities that include the chance for those who love and appreciate the coffee and various other food and drinks products to become agents for the brand and incorporate the gourmet coffee blend into the lifestyles of those they come into contact with. Encouraging a healthier, more productive and affluent lifestyle is the main objective of the Organo Gold brand.

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