How To Eat Your Way To Better Health With Markus Rothkranz

Eat Your Way To Better Health

Markus Rothkranz made an appearance on a Toronto morning show where he explained how you can eat your way to better health. The show where Markus Rothkranz demonstrated a quick and healthy breakfast was called Breakfast Television. It was broadcast from Toronto. Here is a short summary of what was discussed and shown.

Mr. Rothkranz discuses how he has become healthier and looks much better despite being older. He credits the changes to his diet as being the main culprit behind his new found health and vigor. Markus Rothkranz brought a photo of himself twenty years ago and compares it to how he looks now. He does, surprisingly look better now than he did way back then.

The diet that Markus Rothkranz now advocates is a raw, vegan diet. This includes eating fresh fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils. Markus explains how he used to eat cooked and animal foods. When he did, he was very sick. He suffered from kidney stones and a clogged liver. After experimenting with a vegan diet, he ultimately stumbled upon a living raw foods diet that emphasizes living foods.

During the segment, Markus explains how animals get all of their nutrition from fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains. He says that herbivorous animals don’t suffer aging like humans do. Markus believes that our health problems are correlated to the poor diet that we now consume. We need to eat foods that are alive with enzymes and chock full of nutrients. What he is referring to is the fact that fruits, vegetables and other plant foods lose the natural enzymes when they are cooked.

Markus Rothkranz demonstrated a quick and easy raw vegan breakfast that he himself prepares constantly on the TV show. Markus demonstrates with the aid of the anchor the following steps to preparing a raw vegan breakfast. He gathers plenty of leafy greens and vegetables like celery. Then he adds a liquid base like orange juice that was freshly squeezed. Then he adds fruits like berries and dates for sweetness. Blend that together and you get nutrients, energy and you are on your way to better health.

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Clay Siegall – Taking Seattle Genetics to the Next Level

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall. This company was established with the aim of coming up with a product pipeline that satisfied unmet medical needs. Seattle Genetics has since become an industry leader in the development of antibody- drug conjugates (ADCs), a technology that is designed to harness the power of monoclonal antibodies to deliver cell-killing agents directly to cancer cells.

Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics brings a wealth of experience to this industry. He has a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Previously, He worked at the National Cancer Institute and the National Health Institute between 1988 and 1991. He then went on to Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, where he worked from 1991-1997. When Bristol-Myers decided to close its operations in Seattle, he went on to form Seattle Genetics based on the passion he had for making cancer treatment available and affordable to all.

It is during Dr. Siegall’s tenure at Seattle Genetics that the company has built a portfolio of antibody-based cancer therapies. The most well known of these is ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), was granted approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2001. This drug is currently available in 65 countries. Clay Siegall has also been instrumental in fundraising activities, having secured over $330 million through private and public financing. He has also secured strategic ADC collaborations with other companies like Genentech, Bayer, and Progenics among others, which have generated at least $65 million since 2001.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s dedication to the treatment and possible cure of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses using ADC therapy is a challenge to all of us. He has made this his life’s purpose. He has written over 70 publications and holds over 15 patents, all of which prove that he has a lot more in store for the medical world. Clay Siegall’s expertise in this field has led to his being invited to sit on the Boards of other companies, including Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx. Based on what he has achieved so far at Seattle Genetics, it is clear that Dr. Siegall is a man to watch in the field of genetics and ADC therapy.

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Helping to Stabilize South Dallas

Nexbank is very proud of their commitment to people living in Dallas county, Texas. Ever since Nexbank opened its doors in1922, the officers and employees have tried to make the area a better place to live. The bank enjoys its fourth consecutive year of growth while many other financial institutions are struggling to survive. Under the leadership of John Holt and Kenneth R. Hanks, the future looks very bright for Nexbank.
According to a PRNewswire press release, one way that they are being great neighbors is by offering up to 100 loans each year to recipients who make less than $85,000. These individuals qualify for the program through Dallas Neighborhood Homes working in conjunction with Dallas Habitat for Humanity. Each qualified applicant must turn in financial papers to the organizations proving that they are ready for the responsibility of home ownership. Nexbank officials are excited about the possibilities of the southern part of Dallas that incorporates more than 60 percent of the city’s land mass and is home to 45 percent of the people who live in the county. Yet it only accounts for 15 percent of property taxes.
Additionally, Nexbank has committed over $1 million to help stabilize south Dallas and help to develop jobs in the area. This commitment is made in conjunction with Impact Dallas Capital. Many employers in the area already trust Nexbank with their financial needs so this partnership makes great sense for everyone involved including investors.

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Goettl Provides Quality Heating And Air Conditioning Service

If you are a home or business owner and live in Phoenix, Tucson, or Las Vegas you are going to need a quality air conditioning and heating service you can turn to when things go wrong. But who can you turn to? A quality HVAC company that does air conditioning and heating service in those cities is Goettl Air Conditioning. Goettl has been in business since 1936 and one thing that is obvious about this is that a company that has been in business that long has to be doing something right. It only makes sense that if they provided anything other than quality service they would have gone out of business years ago.

There are a number of sites that do customer reviews on services and among them are Angies list and the Better Business Bureau. The bulk of the reviews about Goettl Air Conditioning on both Angies List and The Better Business Bureau sites are positive about this company. This is a positive thing. One of the things about this company that can explain this is the companies focus on customer satisfaction. They guarantee in their advertising, as an example, that they have excellent customer service, they also will provide 24 hours a day 7 day a week response times to emergencies and they have a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all the services they provide their customers.

Arizona is a hot place to live and one of Goettl ‘s specialties is air conditioning, maintenance repair, and replacement. They do this kind of work for not only homes but also businesses. It also doesn’t matter if your unit is a central unit, a heat pump, or even ductless mini splits, Goettl can take care of all your cooling needs.

Of course in the winter you have the opposite problem. If your unit is not meeting your expectations you need to hire a professional to look over your unit and decide if it needs a minor repair or maybe just a tune up. It also makes no difference to Goettl if you have a furnace or a heat pump because we can take care of them all.

Another specialty service that Goettl can provide you is the control and elimination of airborne contaminants and pollutants. They can do this using several methods which can include the use UV germicidal light, air cleaners and even duct cleaning services. If you are having a problem with air pollutants call our offices to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians.

Check out Goettl’s website:

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Watch Out: WEN By Chaz Creates Hollywood Hair For Bustle Blogger

Like Emily McClure, maybe you have fine, frizzy, do-nothing hair that you battle daily. So, you’re stuck with it forever, right?
No. You can change your hair and make it thicker, stronger and shinier, if you choose the proper products. WEN hair by Chaz is unique and the true original no lather shampoo system. Emily decided to give the brand a whirl on a 7-day personal hair journey. She kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies and posted them here for

WEN by Chaz was invented by famous LA hair guru Chaz Dean. He lives a clean and holistic lifestyle and wanted to create a line of hair care products that evolved from the same concept. WEN by Chaz is so special, because there is no lather and zero chemicals, so each strand is bathed and nourished with natural, botanical ingredients.

You don’t need shampoo for the perfect head of hair. WEN’s cleansing conditioners do everything from shampoo to deep-condition, all in one bottle that smells heavenly. If you want beautiful, strong, glossy locks, then WEN by Chaz can deliver, no matter the hair type.

Emily used WEN by Chaz daily and always in the morning. Her hair responded ideally this way, and if she tried to switch up the routine, her hair did not achieve the same results.

Emily’s fine, limp locks got new life on Wen hair, and she noticed the difference in the shower as she massaged in the product. Her hair swelled in thickness and softened in texture. As she blew her hair dry and then used her favorite styling tools, her mane was A-list. Emily’s selfies show a gal with gorgeous, healthy hair.

WEN is not for lazy women, and Emily believes you need to give your hair attention and time on WEN. View the Wen hair products gallery on QVC, the Wen hair Facebook page or at


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The Advantages of ConnectUs Automated Forms by Securus Technologies

Technology has come a long way since 1986, when Securus Technologies first launched. This group comes from Texas originally, and since their initial launch have spread throughout the country. Currently, Securus Technologies can boast some 2,600 facilities that use their products. That number seems to increase on a steady basis, and it’s no wonder why. Besides having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, this organization also regularly provides cutting edge technological solutions to its clients that save them thousands of dollars a year; solutions like ConnectUs Automated Forms.


ConnectUs Automated Forms is more than just a means by which prisoners can send forms digitally. In itself, that’s an excellent time and resource saver. When a prisoner can send a form over digital media, rather than physically giving it to an officer who must walk it to the appropriate place, where it is filed and eventually dealt with, substantial quotients of time can be preserved. From complaints and grievances forms to medical records and signup sheets, there are many areas in a modern correctional facility where digital automation can save. But ConnectUs also provides so much more.


Inmates using this new program will have access to applications, features, and support like never before. Additionally, those authorities monitoring use have complete control over what inmates can and cannot have access to. Educational opportunities abound, and don’t cost extra for books, pens, pencils, or paper. Families and friends can contact their incarcerated brethren with more ease, and correctional facilities save money while retaining taut control over day-to-day activities.


Securus Technologies has provided another game-changing technological innovation that will likely save millions across the country and do a great deal to help curb recidivism statistics. When resources can be freed up in a correctional facility’s budget, they can be devoted to more conducive means of normalizing and rehabilitating prisoners.

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Adam Goldenberg is LA’s Most Successful Young CEO

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most important young CEOs in the Los Angeles area. Some may be surprised to hear him referred to as young. But, he is still in his 30’s. The reason some may view him as older than that is the fact that he had success with his first business so early. He has been in the game since he was 16 and has had 3 companies that experienced a lot of success under his astute leadership.

His Greatest Asset is Employees

Adam Goldenberg attributes his success to a couple different things. The most important thing is his hiring practices. Goldenberg has always had a knack for hiring a quality staff of employees regardless of what kind of company he was running at the time. This is because he focuses less on experience and more on the passion that the person puts into their day to day work. Goldenberg thinks that these are great employees because those are things that you cannot teach.


The young CEO is also a fan of metrics. Some business leaders shy away from stats regarding their ideas or products because they let their ego get in the way of good decision making on Bloomberg. This is a huge mistake and Goldenberg recognizes that. He takes any statistic or number that he gets very seriously. He is not afraid to discontinue a marketing plan or take a product off of his website just because he liked the idea a lot in the first place.

Early Start

Adam Goldenberg got a lot of quality experience at a very young age. This is because his first company, a gaming network called Gamer’s Alliance, was a huge success. He sold the company in 1999 to Intermix Media. He ran Intermix after they purchased his original company.

Adam Goldenberg ran Intermix until 2004 when he headed up the internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. This company raised over $500 million in just its first year in existence. He ran the company until starting JustFab, his latest business venture, in 2012.

JustFab is the parent company of Fabletics. It is a subscription fashion and clothing business. Goldenberg recognized this business model as something that had seen success in other industries. He thought that he could transfer this success to clothing and he did that partnered with Fabletics celebrity owner, Kate Hudson. The company at started as an e-commerce site but is looking to open over 100 storefronts in the next 3 to 5 years. This looks to be just another great leadership job by Goldenberg.

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Choosing A Reliable Investment Advisor Or Firm


Business conflict can lead to lawsuits and complaints. That’s what happened when Relmada Therapeutics, Inc, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company filed a complaint against Laidlaw & Company, a well-known investment bank and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The judge in this case issued a restraining order against Laidlaw & Company.


Laidlaw & Company is an investment brokerage firm, which previously served as a financial management and investment banker to Relmada Therapeutics. Laidlaw and its principals have been known to provide excellent services to clients, including Relmada Therapeutics. Due to disagreements, certain legal steps had to be taken to ensure a smooth resolution of the issue.


When it comes to investment solutions and wealth management, it is important to be sure you are dealing with a trusted team of professionals. There are many companies out there offering financial management and investment services but not all of these firms have the sills and resources to provide the quality service you need for successful outcome.


Laidlaw & Company has clients from all walks of life and they keep using the services of theis company because Matthew Eitner and James Ahern deliver on their promise. They have great expertise in the investment field and guide clients on how they can manage their wealth or acquire the capital they need to improve their investments, businesses and other endeavors. These professionals are considered some of the best in the investment industry, and can help you become a successful investor.


If achieving success appeals to you and you need the right guidance, it’s imperative that you choose a reputable firm. To learn more about Laidlaw & Company and how their services can help you reach your investment goals, have a look at their website and then get in touch with them.


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Blogger Takes 7-Day Hair Challenge With WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Most of us have been brought up to wash our hair with big, frothy lather shampoos and matching conditioners. Rarely do any of us check the side of the bottle for ingredients. It’s just shampoo, what could be the problem?
Plenty, according to Chaz Dean, the famous celebrity stylist on the L.A. scene. He is the man behind the WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo brand that has transformed many heads of hair around the world. His customers are obsessed, because WEN by Chaz uses healthy cleansing conditioners with plant-based ingredients to add amazing shine, body and strength to hair of any type out there.

His star clients look for quality and honesty, and that’s what WEN by Chaz delivers in each bottle of their special cleansing conditioners. It’s not a shampoo experience; it’s a WEN zen experience like no other, without the harmful, hair weakening detergents. WEN finds itself on the shelves of popular hair care stores like Sephora and online sites like Amazon.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was frustrated with her own limp, lackluster locks and dreamed of WEN’s Hollywood hair results, so she decided to try the no-lather system out. Emily kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies for a 7-day WEN journey.

As she massaged Wen to her hair and scalp in the shower every morning, Emily really liked the way her rough, frizzy hair smoothed out and swelled in thickness. As she blow-dried and styled her medium length locks, she was blown away. Emily’s selfies show big, beautiful Hollywood hair, and her friends were dying to know her secret.

To get the very best out of WEN by Chaz’ no lather shampoo, Emily advises letting hair get used to a routine, and in her experience, a daily AM WEN wash. Always take the time and effort to blow-dry and style she says, and you will witness knockout shine and manageability.

Check out the Wen hair website:


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Redefining the Healthcare Future – InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a leading company in redefining healthcare management. They work with network providers, Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plans. We know that healthcare changes on a daily basis and it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes. InnovaCare and their expert staff can help you find an affordable Advantage Plan that is suitable for your healthcare needs. They are at the top of their industry and are continually making huge strides to succeed with each management course of action. Healthcare can be very confusing as to what is covered and what is not. Many think that their plan should cover everything and the fact of the matter is, that it doesn’t. InnovaCare Health can help explain each Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plan by working with different networks and utilizing their tope of the line technology. Their advancements in the industry are vastly exponential and they are experts in their redefining healthcare field.

As more and more people are becoming of the Medicare coverage age, they are finding it harder to receive healthcare coverage. Many elect to carry the traditional Medicare plan, but about 1/3 of beneficiaries are opting to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan according to Penelope Kokkinides. One may choose this type of plan because they tend to cover other items and services that the traditional Medicare doesn’t, and it fits better with their medical needs. Not only do they cover items that Medicare doesn’t, but the premium can be less as well. The beneficiary is still required to pay the monthly premium for the Advantage Plan. The federal government is responsible for placing funds into the Medicare Advantage Plans account of business. It will become a fixed rate that they pay per person and it is a contracted rate that the plan pays regardless of the charges.

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InnovaCare has been in business for many years, and is dedicated to providing exceptional services to the community of customers who are interesting in a Medicare or Medicaid Advantage Plan. Rick Shinto mission is to put the customer first and they will work hard to ensure that you understand your healthcare plan first and foremost so that if you should need the healthcare coverage, it’s readily available and it’s covered, which are two of the most important aspects of healthcare coverage. With all of the changes taking place and the added confusion, let InnovaCare Health help you with your next move.

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